Prof. Sheinman Hanoch

Prof. Sheinman Hanoch
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Research interests: 

Areas of specialization

  • Philosophy of law, including analytic jurisprudence, private law theory, theories of punishment
  • Normative ethics, including consequentialism, contractualism, moral psychology
  • Political philosophy, including political obligation, social contract theory, and loyalty to state
  • Philosophy of action, including practical knowledge, speech act theory, and joint action theory

Areas of competence

  • Contract law
  • Tort law
  • Criminal law





Published Books

Edited collection of original papers

[Reviewed by Allen Habib at Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews]

[Reviewed by Vincent Boyer at la vie des idées (French and English)]

Published Articles

Tort law’s distributive justice is its corrective justice.

  • Two Faces of Discrimination,” in Philosophical Foundations of Discrimination Law, Deborah Hellman & Sophia Moreau, eds., Oxford University Press, 2014, pp. 28-50

Discrimination offends against individualistic and holistic considerations.

Promises and contracts play roles in relational and transactional contexts.

The most fitting contractualist theory of moral obligation is act-based.

Promising is an essentially conventional practice.

    [Discussed by Andrei Marmor in Jurisprudence 2 (2011)]

Broaching twelve questions for the theory of promises.

When we enter an agreement we jointly promise each other to do our parts.

To promise is to give oneself a self-interested reason to do what’s promised.

Justice is the first virtue of the courts but not of the law.

Law-making institutions are as important to the legal system as law courts.

The difficulty with social dependence of values without relativism.

Justice and welfare are independently valuable goals the law may pursue.

Normal contracts are exchanges of normal promises.

Protection from harm is a better candidate for tort law’s point than correction of harm.

Unlike tort liability, contractual liability is voluntary.

Forthcoming Books

  • Imparting Foreknowledge: An Assertive Theory of Promises.  Oxford University Press.

Offers an alternative to the dominant view of promises in contemporary philosophy, arguing that promises are assertions of a special kind: motivating self-predictions about the speaker’s intentional action.

Forthcoming Articles

  • “Realism about Contracts and its Discontents” Jurisprudence

Review essay on Brian H. Bix, Contract Law: Rules, Theory, & Context. Cambridge University Press, 2012.

Books in Preparation

  • Putting Justice in its Place: The Role and Limits of Justice in Law

A collection of essays on the place of different kinds of justice in the explanation or justification of different legal institutions.

Articles in Preparation

  • “A Paradox About Ignorance of Law.”

          A contribution to a conference on Douglas Husak’s work on the general part of the criminal law.


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