Adv. Nourit Zimerman - 2012-13



Nourit Zimerman is a graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (LLB in Law and Humanities) and New York University (LLM and JSD – pending). Nourit clerked for Justice Proccacia at the Israeli Supreme Court and prior to that worked at the Israel Association of Civil Rights and in the ‘Street Law’ clinic at Tel Aviv university. Nourit’s research areas are procedural theory, lawyering theory, courts and law and society.


 My research will examine different representations of the stories of defendants and victims in Israeli criminal procedures. The legal process presents different ways through which the stories of those who participate in it are presented; both stories they themselves tell and stories other tell about them. The research will compare these different representations in order to follow the ways by which stories are transformed along the legal process, as well as identifying the ways in which different forms of representation work. Through a close examination of this process my research seeks to offer an empirical base for our thinking about the design of criminal procedures, one that look beyond the prevailing rights discourse.