July E-books 2016

ספרים אלקטרונים  חדשים בספריה למשפטים יולי 2016



Lewans, Matthew,author. Administrative law and judicial deference / Matthew Lewans. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2016.[000617558]

The scope and intensity of substantive review : traversing Taggart's rainbow / edited by Hanna Wilberg and Mark Elliot. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617615]

Entick v Carrington : 250 years of the rule of law / edited by Adam Tomkins and Paul Scott. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617000]


Anti-cartel enforcement in a contemporary age : leniency religion / edited by Caron Beaton-Wells and Christopher Tran. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617568]


Barnidge, Robert P.,author. Self-determination, statehood, and the law of negotiation : the case of Palestine / Robert P Barnidge, Jr. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2016.[000617621]


Tang, Zheng Sophia,author. Electronic consumer contracts in the conflict of laws / Zheng Sophia Tang. [electronic resource] Second edition Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617567]

Chiu, Iris H.-Y.,author. Regulating (from) the inside : the legal framework for internal control in banks and financial institutions / Iris H-Y Chiu. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617627]


Spagnolo, B. J.(Benjamin James)author. The continuity of legal systems in theory and practice / Benjamin Spagnolo. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617619]

Volk, Christian,author. Arendtian constitutionalism : law, politics and the order of freedom / Christian Volk. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617018]

O'Brien, Justin,author. The triumph, tragedy and lost legacy of James M. Landis : a life on fire / Justin O'Brien. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616525]

Lord Sumption and the limits of the law / edited by Nicholas Barber, Richard Ekins and Paul Yowell. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2016.[000617563]

Duxbury, Neil, author. Lord Kilmuir : a vignette / Neil Duxbury. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617641]


Bucheler, Gebhard,author. Proportionality in investor-state arbitration / Gebhard Bucheler. [electronic resource] New York : Oxford University Press, 2015.[000617319]


Rab, Suzanne,author. Media ownership and control : law, economics and policy in an Indian and international context / Suzanne Rab and Alison Sprague. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000617017]


The method and culture of comparative law : essays in honour of Mark Van Hoecke / edited by Maurice Adams and Dirk Heirbaut. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616522]

Intestate succession / edited by Kenneth G.C. Reid, Marius J. de Waal and Reinhard Zimmermann. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015.[000617312]


Bygrave, Lee A.,author. Internet governance by contract / Lee A. Bygrave. [electronic resource] Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015.[000617257]


Private international law and global governance / Horatia Muir Watt and Diego P. Fernandez Arroyo. [electronic resource] Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015.[000617250]


Protecting vulnerable groups : the European human rights framework / edited by Francesca Ippolito and Sara Iglesias Sánchez. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617561]

Reasoning rights : comparative judicial engagement / edited by Liora Lazarus, Christopher McCrudden, Nigel Bowles. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616497]

Sathanapally, Aruna,1981-. Beyond disagreement : open remedies in human rights adjudication. [electronic resource] Oxford : Oxford Univ. Pr., 2012.[000614711]

What form of government for the European Union and the Eurozone? / edited by Federico Fabbrini, Ernst Hirsch Ballini and Han Somsen. [electronic resource] Oxford Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617559]

The legal understanding of slavery : from the historical to the contemporary / edited by Jean Allain. [ electronic resource] Oxford : Oxford Univ. pr., 2012.[000614661]

The UK and European human rights : a strained relationship? / edited by Katja S. Ziegler, Elizabeth Wicks and Loveday Hodson. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617625]

Salát, Orsolya,author. The right to freedom of assembly : a comparative study / Orsolya Salát. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015[000617601]

Yap, Po Jen,author. Constitutional dialogue in common law Asia / Po Jen Yap. [electronic resource] Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015.[000617311]

Greenawalt, Kent,1936- ,author. Interpreting the Constitution / Kent Greenawalt. [electronic resource] New York : Oxford University Press, 2015[000617318]

Arden, Mary,author. Human rights and European law : building new legal orders / Mary Arden. [electronic resource] Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015.[000617249]

Central-local relations in Asian constitutional systems / edited by Andrew Harding and Mark Sidel. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617618]

Constitutions and the classics : patterns of constitutional thought from Fortescue to Bentham / edited by Denis Galligan. [electronic resource] Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015.[000617242]


Philosophical foundations of contract law / edited by Gregory Klass, George Letsas, and Prince Saprai. [electronic resource] Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015.[000617255]

Kramer, Adam,author. The law of contract damages / Adam Kramer. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616520]
Breach of contract

Winterton, David,1980- ,author. Money awards in contract law / David Winterton. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617014]

Defences in unjust enrichment / edited by Andrew Dyson, James Goudkamp and Frederick Wilmot-Smith. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2016.[000617630]


Regulating the visible hand? : the institutional implications of Chinese state capitalism / Benjamin L. Liebman and Curtis J. Milhaupt. [electronic resource] New York : Oxford University Press, 2015[000617321]

Beckers, Anna,1982- ,author. Enforcing corporate social responsibility codes on global self-regulation and national private law / Anna Beckers. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617632]

Hodges, Christopher J. S.,author. Law and corporate behaviour : integrating theories of regulation, enforcement, compliance and ethics / Christopher Hodges. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617570]


Criminalization : the political morality of the criminal law / edited by R.A. Duff, Lindsay Farmer, S.E. Marshall, Massimo Renzo, Victor Tadros. [electronic resource] Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015.[000617244]

Dubber, Markus Dirk,author. An introduction to the model penal code / Markus D. Dubber. [electronic resource] Second edition. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015.[000617253]


Annison, Harry Michael John,1985- ,author. Dangerous politics : risk, political vulnerability, and penal policy / Harry Annison [electronic resource] New York : Oxford University Press, 2015[000617323]


Özdel, Melis, author. Bills of lading incorporating charterparties / Melis Özdel. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617634]

Regulatory transformations : rethinking economy-society interactions / edited by Bettina Lange, Fiona Haines and Dania Thomas. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617605]

Saidov, Djakhongir, author. Conformity of goods and documents : the Vienna Sales Convention / Saidov, Djakhongir. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, c2015.[000617635]

 The images of the consumer in EU law : legislation, free movement and competition law / edited by Dorota Leczykiewicz and Stephen Weatherill. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2016.[000617628]


The Aarhus Convention : a guide for UK lawyers / edited by Charles Banner. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617597]

Lees, Emma,author. Interpreting environmental offences : the need for certainty / Emma Lees. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, c2015.[000617008]

Climate change impacts on ocean and coastal law : U.S. and international perspectives / edited by Randall S. Abate. [electronic resource] Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015.[000617246]


Strik, Philip F. J. S.(Philip Frederik Jozef Simon),1986- ,author. Shaping the single European market in the field of foreign direct investment / Philip Strik. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616502]

The EEA and the EFTA court : decentred integration / edited by the EFTA Court ; editorial committee, Carl Baudenbacher, Philipp Speitler, Bryndís Pálmarsdóttir [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616509]

Sánchez Graells, Albert,author. Public procurement and the EU competition rules / Albert Sánchez Graells. [electronic resource] Second edition Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617010]

Piernas Lopez, Juan Jorge. The concept of state aid under EU law : from internal market to competition and beyond / Juan Jorge Piernas Lopez. [electronic resource] Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015[000617310]

Martinsen, Dorte Sindbjerg,author. An ever more powerful court? : the political constraints of legal integration in the European Union / Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen. [electronic resource] New York : Oxford University Press, 2015.[000617322]

Macrory, Richard,author. Regulation, enforcement and governance in environmental law / Richard Macrory. [electronic resource] Second edition Oxford : Hart Publishing 2014.[000616498]

Legal challenges in the global financial crisis : bail-outs, the Euro and regulation / edited by Wolf-Georg Ringe and Peter M. Huber. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616486]

The constitutionalization of European budgetary constraints / edited by Maurice Adams, Federico Fabbrini, and Pierre Larouche. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616507]

The EU accession to the ECHR / edited by Vasiliki Kosta, Nikos Skoutaris and Vassilis P. Tzevelekos. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616511]

The European Court of Justice and external relations law : constitutional challenges / edited by Marise Cremona and Anne Thies. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014[000616512]

Lock, Tobias,author. The European Court of Justice and international courts / Tobias Lock. [electronic resource] New York : Oxford University Press, 2015.[000617320]

The European crisis and the transformation of transnational governance : authoritarian managerialism versus democratic governance / edited by Christian Joerges and Carola Glinski [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616513]

The European Union in international organisations and global governance : recent developments / edited by Christine Kaddous. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617620]

Of courts and constitutions : liber amicorum in honour of Nial Fennelly / edited by Kieran Bradley, Noel Travers, Anthony Whelan. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616492]

Oñati international series in law and society
Rights and courts in pursuit of social change : legal mobilisation in the multi-level European system / edited by Dia Anagnostou. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616499]

Brisimi, Vasiliki S.,1984- ,author. The interface between competition and the internal market : market separation under article 102 TFEU / Vasiliki Brisimi. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616516]

Frese, Michael J.(Michael John),author. Sanctions in EU competition law : principles and practice / Michael J. Frese. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616500]

Gutman, Kathleen,author. The constitutional foundations of European contract law : a comparative analysis / Kathleen Gutman. [electronic resource] Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015.[000617248]

Harlow, Carol,author. Process and procedure in EU administration / Carol Harlow and Richard Rawlings. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616495]

Ghazaryan, Nariné. The European neighbourhood policy and the democratic values of the EU : a legal analysis / Nariné Ghazaryan. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616514]

Goss, Ryan,1982- ,author. Criminal fair trial rights : Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights / Ryan Goss. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616459]

Flear, Mark L.,author. Governing public health : EU law, regulation and biopolitics / Mark L. Flear. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617011]

EU civil justice : current issues and future outlook / edited by Burkhard Hess, Maria Bergström and Eva Storskrubb. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617639]

Cloots, Elke,author. National identity in EU law / Elke Cloots. [electronic resource] Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015.[000617256]

Bjrge, Eirik,1983- ,author. Domestic application of the ECHR : courts as faithful trustees / Eirik Bjrge. [electronic resource] New York : Oxford University Press, 2015[000617327]

Central European judges under the European influence : the transformative power of the EU revisited / edited by Michal Bobek. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000616995]


Thompson, Sharon,author. Prenuptial agreements and the presumption of free choice : issues of power in theory and practice / Sharon Thompson. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617569]

Marriage rites and rights / edited by Joanna Miles, Perveez Mody and Rebecca Probert. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617636]

Delivering family justice in the 21st century / edited by Mavis Maclean, John Eekelaar, and Benoit Bastard. [electronic resource]. Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617631]


Nationalism and globalisation / edited by Stephen Tierney. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000616992]

Rose, Cecily,author. International anti-corruption norms : their creation and influence on domestic legal systems / Cecily Rose. [electronic resource] Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015[000617316]

Yong, Ben,author. Special advisers : who they are, what they do and why they matter / Ben Yong and Robert Hazell. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616503]


MacMaoláin, Caoimhín,author. Food law : European, domestic and international frameworks / Caoimhín MacMaoláin. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617640]

Hyde, Richard,author. Regulating food-borne illness : investigation, control and enforcement / Richard Hyde. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617016]


Migrants at work : immigration and vulnerability in labour law / edited by Cathryn Costello and Mark Freedland. [electronic resource] Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2014.[000617241]

Slingenberg, Lieneke,author. The reception of asylum seekers under international law : between sovereignty and equality / Lieneke Slingenberg. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616523]

Ozsu, Umut,author. Formalizing displacement : international law and population transfers / Umut Ozsu. [electronic resource] Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015.[000617254]

Thwaites, Rayner,author. The liberty of non-citizens : indefinite detention in Commonwealth countries / Rayner Thwaites. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616521]

Conklin, William E.,author. Statelessness : the enigma of an international community / William E. Conklin. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616504]


Patent enforcement worldwide : writings in honour of Dieter Stauder / edited by Christopher Heath. [electronic resource] Third edition Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617622]

Janet,author. The illicit trade in art and antiquities : international recovery and criminal and civil liability / Janet Ulph, Ian Smith ; consultant editor, Michael Tugendhat. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2012.[000617624]

The luxury economy and intellectual property : critical reflections / Haochen Sun, Barton Beebe, and Madhavi Sunder. [electronic resource] New York : Oxford University Press, 2015.[000617315]

Ilardi, Alfredo,author. The new European patent / Alfredo Ilardi. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617560]

Jacob, Robin,author. IP and other things : a collection of essays and speeches / Robin Jacob. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000616997]
Intellectual property -- Great Britain


Non-state actors in international law / edited by Math Noortmann, August Reinisch and Cedric Ryngae. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000616993]

Törber, Gunnar,author. The contractual nature of the optional clause / Gunnar Törber. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617015]

Mallat, Chibli,author. Philosophy of nonviolence : revolution, constitutionalism, and justice beyond the Middle East / Chibli Mallat. [electronic resource] Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015.[000617247]

Liu, Hin-Yan,author. Law's impunity : responsibility and the modern private military company / Hin-Yan Liu. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617571]

Regionalism and international law Valencia, 13-15 September 2012
European Society of International Law (2012 : .. Select proceedings of the European Society of International Law, fourth volume : Regionalism and international law Valencia, 13-15 September 2012 / edited by Mariano J. Aznar and Mary E. Footer. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617557]

The Global community yearbook of international law and jurisprudence 2014, Volume I / Giuliana Ziccardi Capaldo, editor [electronic resource] New York : Oxford University Press, 2015.[000617314]

The Irish yearbook of international law, Volume 8, 2013 / edited by Fiona de Londras and Siobhán Mullaly. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617614]

Kolb, Robert, author. Peremptory international law - jus cogens : a general inventory / Robert Kolb. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617623]

Jain, Neha,author. Perpetrators and accessories in international criminal law : individual modes of responsibility for collective crimes / Neha Jain. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616493]

Finnish yearbook of international law, Volume 23, 2012-2013 / editor-in-chief, Jarna Petman. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2016.[000617562]

Allen, Stephen,author. The Chagos Islanders and international law / Stephen Allen. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616506]
Cali, Basak,1974- ,author. The authority of international law : obedience, respect, and rebuttal / Basak Cali. [electronic resource] New York : Oxford University Press, 2015[000617325]


Nudge and the law : a European perspective / edited by Alberto Alemanno and Anne-Lise Sibony. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617638]

Parker, James E. K.,author. Acoustic jurisprudence : listening to the trial of Simon Bikindi / James E.K. Parker. [electronic resource] New York : Oxford University Press, 2015[000617326]

Private law and the rule of law / edited by Lisa M. Austin and Dennis Klimchuk. [electronic resource] Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015.[000617252]

Re-interpreting Blackstone's Commentaries : a seminal text in national and international contexts / edited by Wilfrid Prest. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616496]

Weinrib, Ernest J. The idea of private law [electronic resource] Rev. ed. Oxford : Oxford Univ. Pr., 2012.[000614720]


The economic and financial crisis and collective labour law in Europe / edited by Niklas Bruun, Klaus Lörcher and Isabelle Schömann. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616508]

Viking, Laval and beyond / edited by Mark Freedland and Jeremias Prassl. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616526]
New frontiers in empirical labour law research / edited by Amy Ludlow and Alysia Blackham. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617637]


Ward, Ian,1963- ,author. Sex, crime and literature in Victorian England / Ian Ward. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616501]


Criminal justice in transition : the Northern Ireland context / edited by Anne-Marie McAlinden and Clare Dwyer. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617001]


Access to justice : beyond the policies and politics of austerity / edited by Ellie Palmer, Tom Cornford, Audrey Guinchard, and Yseult Marique. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2016.[000617633]


Spencer, John R.1946- ,author. Noted, but not invariably approved / J.R. Spencer. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616491]

Arlidge, Anthony,author. Magna Carta uncovered / Anthony Arlidge and Igor Judge. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616488]

Limbach, Kathrin,author. Uniformity of customs administration in the European Union / Kathrin Limbach. Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617616]
Foreign trade regulation -- European Union

Desan, Christine,author. Making money : coin, currency, and the coming of capitalism / Christine Desan. [electronic resource] Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015.[000617240]


The law and practice of piracy at sea : European and international perspectives / edited by Panos Koutrakos and Achilles Skordas. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616518]


Persons, parts and property : how should we regulate human tissue in the 21st century? / edited by Imogen Goold, Kate Greasley, Jonathan Herring and Loane Skene. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616494]

The law and ethics of dementia / edited by Charles Foster, Jonathan Herring and Israel Doron. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616517]

Landmark cases in medical law / edited by Jonathan Herring and Jesse Wall. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617002]


Minority accommodation through territorial and non-territorial autonomy / edited by Tove H. Malloy and Francesco Palermo. [electronic resource] New York : Oxford University Press, 2015[000617324]


The law of misstatements : 50 years on from Hedley Byrne v Heller / edited by Kit Barker, Ross Grantham and Warren Swain. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617629]


Kirchmeier, Jeffrey L.,author. Imprisoned by the past : Warren McCleskey and the American death penalty / Jeffrey L. Kirchmeier. [electronic resource] New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2015.[000617245]

O'Donnell, Ian,author. Prisoners, solitude, and time / Ian O'Donnell. [electronic resource] Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015.[000617243]


Making sovereign financing and human rights work / edited by Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky and Jernej Letnar Cernic. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616489]


Modern studies in property law ; Volume 8 / edited Warren Barr. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000616996]

Landmark cases in property law / edited by Simon Douglas, Robin Hickey, and Emma Waring. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617012]

Barnes, Michael,1943-,author. The law of compulsory purchase and compensation / Michael Barnes. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616519]


Nehushtan, Yossi,1971- ,author. Intolerant religion in a tolerant-liberal democracy / Yossi Nehushtan. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617566]

Schutter, Olivier deauthor. Trade in the service of sustainable development : linking trade to labour rights and environmental standards / Olivier De Schutter. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617626]


Collings, Justin,author. Democracy's guardians : a history of the German Federal Constitutional Court, 1951-2001 / Justin Collings. [electronic resource] Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015.[000617317]

Synge, Mary,author. The 'new' public benefit requirement : making sense of charity law? / Mary Synge ; with foreword by Hubert Picarda QC. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617564]
Charity laws and legislation -- Great Britain


Serajuddin, Alamgir Muhammad,author. Cases on Muslim law of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh / Alamgir Muhammad Serajuddin. [electronic resource] New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2015.[000617328]

Flogaitis Spyridon,author. The evolution of law and the state in Europe : seven lessons / Spyridon Flogaitis. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616515]

Comparato, Guido,author. Nationalism and private law in Europe / Guido Comparato. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014.[000616490]


Studies in the history of tax law / edited by Peter Harris and Dominic de Cogan. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015,

HJI Panayi, Christiana, author. Advanced issues in international and European tax law / Christiana HJI Panayi. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617617]


Air passenger rights : ten years on / edited by Michal Bobek and Jeremias Prassl. [electronic resource] Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2015.[000617556]


Feminisms of discontent : global contestations / edited by Ashleigh Barnes. [electronic resource] New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2015.[000617329]

Australian feminist judgments : righting and re-writing Law / edited by Heather douglas, Francesca Bartlett, Trish luker and Rosemary Hunter [electronic resource][000616505]

משפט עברי

Kwall, Roberta Rosenthal,1955- ,author. The myth of the cultural Jew : culture and law in Jewish tradition / Roberta Rosenthal Kwall. [electronic resource] Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015.[000617251]