Prof. Dagan Tsilly

Prof. Dagan Tsilly
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Tax Policy, International Tax policy, International Tax, Globalization and Tax Competition


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International Taxation (Tel-Aviv University Press, 2004) [Heb.].


The Currency of Taxation, Fordham Law Review (forthcoming, 2016)

A Standardized International Tax Network, Brooklyn Journal of International Law (forthcoming, 2016)

International Tax and Justice, Theoretical Inquiries in Law (forthcoming, 2016)

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National Interests in International Taxation (Comments to the Raphael Committee), 20 Tel-Aviv U.L. Rev. 327 (1996) [Heb.].





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Bar-Ilan University Law School, Israel, Professor, 2010- Present; Associate Professor, 2006-2010; Assistant Professor, 1998-2006.

Columbia Law School, Scholar in Residence, Fall 2014, Fall 2015.

The Institute for Advanced Studies, Jerusalem, Fellow, Research Group on Sovereignty, Global Justice and the Ethics of War, Spring 2011

University of Western Ontario, Canada, Visiting Professor, Winter 2009.

University of Michigan Law School, Visiting Assistant Professor, 1999, 2001-2003.

The College of Management Law School, Israel, 1993-1997.



Tel-Aviv University Law School, J.S.D., 1999 (Strategic Aspects of International Taxation).

New York University Law School, LL.M. (In Taxation), 1993.

Tel-Aviv University Law School, LL.B., 1988.



  • The Israeli Science Foundation Book Publishing Grant, 2015
  • Ministry of Science Grant, Designing Legal Mechanisms For the Promotion of Women; The Market, the State, the Family and the Public Good (With Hila Shamir) 2014.
  • Award for Best Publication of the Year, Kibbutz Fund (With Avital Margalit) 2014.
  • Best Teacher Award, University of Western Ontario, 2009; Bar-Ilan University, 2013.
  • The Israeli Science Foundation, A Market for Public Entitlements?, 2011.
  • Israeli Social Security Research Fund, Taxation and Welfare of People with Disabilities, 2009.
  • Canadian Studies, Faculty Research Grant, 2009.


  • Member of the the jury of the IBFD Frans Vanistendael Award on International Tax Law, 2014-Present.
  • Mebmer of the Selection Committee, Israel’s Junior Law Faculty Workshop, 2013—2015.
  • Member of the Selection Committee, Fulbright Israeli Post-doctoral Scholar Fellowship, US-Israel Educational Foundation, 2015.
  • Associate Member of the European Association of Tax Law Professors, 2013-Present.
  • Member of the Advisory Panel to the Director of the Israeli Antitrust Authority, 2012-Present.
  • Member of the Search Committee for Israel’s Director of the Tax Authority, 2011.
  • Board member of the Israeli Museum of Taxes, 2011-Present.
  • Guest Editor, Comparative Tax & Culture, Theoretical Inquiries in Law, 2010.


  • Editor in Chief, Bar-Ilan University Law Review, 2013-Present.
  • Member of the University Post-Doctorate Scholarship Committee, 2015, 2016.
  • Founder and Coordinator of “Modern Law meets Religious law” Lecture Series, 2012-Present.
  • Founder and Coordinator of Faculty Thematic Study Group, 2004 (Equality); 2005 (Decision Making); 2012 (Pluralism); 2013 (Public v. Private).
  • Member of the University Best Teacher Committee, 2013-Present.
  • Member of the Hiring and Academic Development Committee, 2011-Present.
  • Chair of the Library Committee, 2010-Present.
  • Member of the University Ethics Committee, 2010-2011.
  • Member of the Student Affairs Committee, 2008-2009
  • Member of the University Teaching Committee, 2009.
  • Coordinator of Faculty Workshop, 2006-2008.




“International Tax and Justice”, Law, Economy and Inequality, Conference, Tel Aviv & Cornell, New York, 2015.

“The Currency of Taxation”, We Are What We Tax Symposium, Fordham Law School, 2015.

Discussant, “The International Tax Regime and the G20 World: Theory and Implications”, Global Analysis of Tax Treaty Disputes Conference, London School of Economics Department of Law, 2015.

“A Standardized International Tax Network”, Reconsidering the Tax Treaty Symposium, Brooklyn Law School, 2015.

“Community Obligations in International Taxation law”, Community Obligations in Contemporary International Law Workshop, Faculty of Law of Humboldt University in Berlin, 2015.

“International Tax Coordination: Shifting from the Countries Policies to Multilateralism”, 10th GREIT annual conference, Amsterdam Centre for Tax Law University of Amsterdam, 2015.

“Pay as You Wish, The Global Market for Tax & Legal Rules”, Bar Ilan University Faculty Workshop, 2014; University of Virginia, 2014 Invitational Tax Conference; University of Maryland Legal Theory Workshop, 2014; Tenth Annual International Tax Symposium at the University of  Florida Levin College of Law, 2014.

“Tax Policy in an Era of Globalization”, A New Era in Taxation Workshop, Interdisciplinary Center, 2014.

“Facilitating the Commons, Inside and Out”, Property from Below Workshop, MIT, Boston, 2014.

“BRICS—A Theoretical Framework: The Potential of Cooperation”, Seminar, IBFD, Amsterdam, 2013.

“International Tax Harmonization v. Distributive Justice”, The Exercise of Public Authority by International Institutions Workshop, Tel-Aviv University, 2012.

“Tax Competition v. Harmonization: Developing Countries and International Tax Justice”, From Tax Havens to International Tax Coordination: A Focus on non OECD Countries Workshop, EUI, Florence, 2012.

“The Tragic Choices of Tax Policy in a Globalized World”, Tax and Development Workshop, Institute de Direito Económico Financeiro e Fiscal, University of Lisbon, Portugal 2011; University of Connecticut, Tax Lectures Series, 2011; Faculty Workshop, Fordham University Law School, 2012; Tax Policy Seminar, Brooklyn Law School, 2012; Tax Policy Workshop, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 2012; Jean Monnet Round Table, Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law, Vienna, 2013.

“Marketizing Sovereignty”, Sovereignty, Global Justice, and International Institutions Workshop, Institute of Advanced Studies, Jerusalem, 2011.

“Rights for Sale”, Osgoode Hall School of Law Faculty Workshop, 2010; Bar-Ilan University Faculty Workshop, 2010.

“Commodification without Money”, Money Matters; the Law, Economics, and Politics of Currency Conference, the Cegla Center, Tel-Aviv University, 2009.

“Who Cares: A Comparative Analysis of Childcare Deductions”, Comparative Tax Law and Culture Conference, Monash University Prato Centre, Italy, 2009.

“Alternatives to Childcare Deductions”, Presentation for the Committee for Women’s Status, the Knesset, 2009.

“Trading Regulatory Entitlement”, The Regulatory State at the 21st Century: Fundamental “Questions in the Design of Regulatory Policy—Lessons from the Environmental Field”, International Research Workshop of the Israel Science Foundation, Bar-Ilan University, 2009.

“Tax Treaties and FDI”, Institutional Aspects of FDI Conference, Interdisciplinary Center, 2009.

“Just Harmonization”, Tracking Our Fiscal Footprint: Assessing the Impact of Conventional International Tax Standards on Low-Income Countries Workshop, McGill University Faculty of Law, 2008; Globalization Workshop, Tel-Aviv University Faculty of Law, 2008; Graduate School of Law and Politics Workshop, The University of Tokyo, Japan, 2009.

“The Business-Personal Distinction: A Comparative Study”, Comparative Perspectives on Tax Law and Culture Research Workshop, Tel-Aviv University Faculty of Law, 2008.

“The Costs of International Tax Cooperation”, International Tax Program Presentation, NYU Law School, 2008.

“Taxing the Non-Market Economy”, Faculty Workshop, Brooklyn Law School, 2008; Faculty Workshop, Fordham Law School, 2008; Tax Policy Workshop, Tel-Aviv University Faculty of Law, 2008; Tax Policy Workshop, Hebrew University Faculty of Law, 2008; Law and Economics Workshop, Bar-Ilan University Faculty of Law, 2008.

“Signaling, Competition and Cooperation”, Convergence and Divergence of Law, German and Israeli Perspectives Conference, Tel-Aviv University Faculty of Law, 2008.

“Procedural Aspects of Tax Harmonization”, Global Public Policy and the Law of International Administration Workshop, Tel-Aviv University Faculty of Law and the Max Plank Institute, 2008.

“The Legacy of English Tax Law in Israel”, the Legacy of UK Tax Law Conference, Hong Kong University, 2007.

“Tax Treaties and Game Theory”, Source versus Residence: The Allocation of Taxing Rights in Tax Treaty Law Conference, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, 2007.

“Tax Deductions”, Tax Policy Workshop, Tel-Aviv University Faculty of Law, 2007.

“International Tax and Justice”, International Tax Coordination Programme, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, 2007.

“Ordinary People, Necessary Choices”, Law and Economics Workshop, Bar-Ilan University Faculty of Law, 2005; Law and Economics Workshop, Tel-Aviv University Faculty of Law, 2005; The James Hausman Tax Law and Policy Workshop, University of Toronto Faculty of Law, 2006; Faculty Seminar, Interdisciplinary Center, 2006.

“The Costs of International Tax Cooperation”, International Tax Coordination Programme, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, 2005; The Minerva Center Research Group on the Welfare State in an Era of Globalization, Jerusalem 2002 and Goetingen 2001.

“The Case for Tax Competition”, Law and Economics Workshop, Tel-Aviv University Faculty of Law, 2001.

“The Tax Treaties Myth”, International Law Workshop, University of Michigan Law School, 1998; Law and Economics Workshop, Tel-Aviv University Faculty of Law, 1999; Tax Policy Workshop, Tel-Aviv University Faculty of Law, 2000; Law and Economics Workshop, Bar-Ilan University Faculty of Law, 2000.








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