Prof. Dagan Tsilly

Room 303, New Wing
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Research interests: 

Tax Policy, International Tax policy, International Tax, Globalization and Tax Competition



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Tel Aviv University Law School, J.S.D., 1998 (Strategic Aspects of International Taxation).

New York University Law School, LL.M. (In Taxation), 1993.

Tel-Aviv University Law School, LL.B., 1988.



Bar Ilan University Law School, Israel,Professor,2010- present; Senior Lecturer, 2006-2010 Lecturer, 1998-2006.

University of Western Ontario, Canada, Visiting Professor, January semester, 2009.

University of Michigan Law School, Visiting Assistant Professor of Law, 1999, 2001-2003.

The College of Management Law School, Israel, 1993-1997.



The Israeli Science Foundation, 2011 A Market for Public Entitlements?

Isareli Social Security Research Fund, 2010, Taxation and Welfare of People with Disabilities

Canadian Studies Faculty Research Program, 2009




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