The Unger Program

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<p>The Florence Unger and Dr. Samuel Goldstein Interdisciplinary Program for Law, Rationality, Ethics, and Social Justice<br />
The objective of the Unger Program is to establish an interdisciplinary forum to debate and research current issues related to the law, rationality, ethics, and social justice. The program assembles experts and scholars in the areas of the social sciences and the humanities in order to cope with current issues by presenting a broad theoretical view and endeavoring to transcend the varied languages offered by the different disciplines. The program calls on experts and scholars in the legal field, psychology, and conflict resolution to cooperate and participate in its activities in order to open a broad vista and produce new academic insights with respect to concrete controversies.<br />
The encounter calls for a unique combination of complex theoretical and reflective thinking and of a realistic and pragmatic search for solutions to concrete conflicts.<br />
Program Director: Dr. Michal Alberstein<br />
Administrative Coordinator: Ms. Sylvie Lipsker<br />
Email address:<br />
Site:<br />
Phone: 03-5318103<br />
Fax: 03-5351856</p>