From the Director’s Desk


Dear Friends,

The Faculty of Law at Bar-Ilan has started the fifth decade of its operation this year. The Faculty continues to renew itself and move forward. As in previous years, a variety of excellence programs have been developed, faculty and student exchange programs with foreign universities have been intensified, dedicated graduate programs have been expanded, new clinics were added to help the community, faculty members showed outstanding achievements in research and teaching, and new faculty were welcome in various legal fields. Graduates of the Faculty continue successfully in their practice.

The Commercial Law Center is a part of this important endeavor. The Center's training courses, held for nearly two decades under the broad aegis of the Faculty of Law at Bar-Ilan University, emphasize the winning connection between legal practice, which is the daily bread of lawyers, and lectures surveying current and future developments from a general perspective. The courses provide creative intellectual tools for lawyers and others. Our goal is to help you gain expertise and improve in areas in which you are active, expand your activities into other areas, and "get out of the box." It is for this reason that we insist on offering courses that include a wide range of topics and lecturers, a combination of lectures and updates on legislation and case law and of workshops that provide practical coping tools - all conducted by experts in legal and other fields, with strong emphasis on legal practice and on the effect of theoretical material on this practice.

In the first semester we hold three specialization courses. Special Real Estate Transactions: Legal and Tax Aspects, a course that provides participants with extensive practical tools related to real estate transactions and their tax aspects. The Practice of Family and Inheritance Law, a course that takes a broad and comprehensive view of innovations in family and inheritance law, in areas such as wills, inheritance, estate management, contested wills, determining the scope of estates, rights, and obligations. Conflict Resolution: Theoretical and Practical Tools, focuses on various techniques for settling disputes over a large spectrum of conflicts in various areas, including unusual ones, and exposes participants to important tools and knowledge in the realm of conflicts and of the methods for their resolution.

During the second semester we will conduct four additional courses. Encounter between Tort Law and other Areas combines useful tools (for example the calculation of compensation for bodily injury and lost years) with an in-depth discussion of innovations in case law in such traditional areas as traffic accidents, medical malpractice, informed consent, and a discussion of topics such as defamation, punitive damages , chances and risks, uncertain causality, the rules of tort law. Moreover, it issues a call to tort lawyers to expand into the area of family tort law. Some of the meetings will be conducted by medical specialists. Public Tenders Law Reform: Theory and Practice examines the relevant issues in light of the extensive reform laws passed in 2009, and its impact on auction management and the conduct of auctions, both in government ministries and affiliated and local authorities. Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, and White Collar Crimes is a course that exposes participants to the world of criminal litigation. Criminal cases will be presented by judges, lawyers, jurists from the district attorney's office, legal experts from academia and the private sector. The criminal cases are used to illustrate the principles of criminal litigation. Strategies for Drafting Contracts and Legal Documents is a workshop designed to improve the strategic formulation abilities of lawyers with regard to contracts and other documents in various legal contexts, such as company policies, property agreements and divorce, insolvency agreements, cooperation agreements in matters involving land, apartment sales and condominium policies, consumer contracts, international commercial documents, guarantees, and more.

In addition to these courses, which are open to the general public, the Center will conduct also closed session for special audiences.

We will continue to keep our prices reasonable without compromising the high quality of our lectures and workshops.

In addition, the Center will hold two conferences in cooperation with other organizations. One in the first semester about the interpretation of contracts, the other, in the second semester, about the abduction of children and migration, presented from the aspect of family law, international law, and tort law, with the participation of senior judges from Israel and abroad and of prominent academics.

I wish to express my thanks and appreciation to the former director of the Center, Prof. Shachar Lifshitz. I would also like to thank the coordinator of the Center, Ms. Pirchia Rotenstreich, and Ms. Avia Segal who works alongside her, for their dedicated day-to-day work for the success of the activities of the Center of Commercial Law and for the satisfaction of the trainees.
We will be happy to see you at our courses and workshops.

Dr. Binyamin (Benny) Shmueli
Director of the Center

Last Updated Date : 09/02/2011