Prato Program

One semester at the Prato campus, in Italy, of the Australian Monash University
The Australian Monash University operates an international campus in Prato, Italy, where teachers and students of law from leading universities worldwide spend one semester. Among Israeli universities, Bar-Ilan, the University of Haifa, and Tel-Aviv University participate in the program. The Prato program takes place in May-June of each year, that is, during the second semester. For Bar-Ilan students, the cost of tuition is covered by the tuition they pay to Bar-Ilan, except for a 200 Euro registration fee. The cost of transportation and living expenses in Italy are the responsibility of the students. The Faculty of Law will grant need-based assistance to cover a portion of the costs.
Students are entitled to take 4.5 credits that will be recognized toward their Bar-Ilan degree. Studies are conducted in English. Students participating in the program are exempt from the English requirement of the Faculty of Law. The number of participants in the program is limited this year to 14 students. Directors of the program have agreed to reserve for Bar-Ilan students a limited number of places in courses in high demand until the end of November.
General information about the university and the program is available at: