Dr. Golan Luzon




Years 2011-2015: Ph.D. Bar-Ilan University Law School [The Effects of Deterministic Discourse on the Liability Requirement - Revisiting the Restorative Justice Model, Supervisor:  Prof. Alberstein Michal]

Years 2008-2010: LL.M. Bar-Ilan University Law School

Years 2003-2007: LL.B. Bar-Ilan University Law School

Professional Experience and Appointments

Years 2010-2015: Research Assistant, Bar-Ilan University

Years 2008-2015: A member of the Israeli Bar Association 

Years 2007-2008: Yigal Arnon & Co Law Firm (internship)   

Honors and Awards (including Membership in Professional Societies):

2015 - A dissertation grant for promoting research in philosophy - Switzerland - Israel Foundation

2011 - President's Scholars Scholarship (Ph.D.) - Bar-Ilan University

2010 - Master's Fellowship for outstanding students - Bar-Ilan University

Other Noteworthy Activities and Skills

Years 2003-2007: Journalist and editor - Maariv (newspaper).



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2. Normative Responsibility and Restorative Justice, Restorative Justice an International Journal, Taylor & Francis, Volume 4, Issue 1, 2016.

3.  The Paradox of Military Tribunals that Try Civilians, Quinnipiac Law Review, Volume 36, No 4, 2017.

4.  Criminalizing Sexual Harassment, The Journal of Criminal Law, SAGE, Volume 81 Issue 5, 2017.

5. The Muslim/Arab Sulha and the Restorative Justice Model: Same Purpose, Different Approach, Cardozo J. Conflict Resolution, Volume 19, No 2, 2018.



Jurisprudence, moral philosophy, criminal law, punishment theories and restorative justice