Prof. Radzyner Amihai

Prof. Radzyner Amihai
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Talmudic Law, History of Jewish Law Research, Israeli Legal   History, Rabbinical Courts, Jewish Family Law.


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Books (as author)

'Dine Qenasot': A Research in Talmudic Law, Faculty of Law, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem: The Sacher Institute for Legislative Research and the Institute for Jewish Law and Nevo publishing, 2014 (HEB).

Books (as editor)

Studies in Halakha and Jewish Law: Judge and Judging, Bar-Ilan University Press 2007 (HEB) (with Dr. Y. Habbah).


Articles and Chapters in Books

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  10. "Jewish Law in Pre-State Palestine", to be published in: Christine Hayes (ed.), Judaism and Law: An Introduction, part of The Cambridge Companion to Religions series.
  11. "Guardianship of Orphans in Talmudic Law" - M. Faraguna, U. Yiftach (eds.), Legal Documents in Ancient Societies VI: Ancient Guardianship: Legal Incapacities in the Ancient World, Proceedings of a Colloquium held at the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, 4-5.11.2013 (Triest, forthcoming).
  12. “The Impact of Supreme Court Rulings on the Halakhic Status of the Official Rabbinical Courts in Israel” to be published in: Leora Batnitzky and Hanoch Dagan (eds.), Institutionalizing Rights and Religion: Competing Supremacies, Cambridge University Press.

Articles in periodicals

  1. “Hefqer Bet-Din Hefqer' (the Court has the Power to Expropriate) in Talmudic Sources”, 16 Sidra (2000), pp.111-133 (HEB).
  2. “Witnesses' Hatra'ah (Warning) and the Beginning of Their Testimony”, 20-21 Dine Israel (2001), pp. 515-551 (HEB).
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non-refereed publications

  1. “Reason as a Supreme Principal in Halacha”, Justice 13 (June 1997), pp. 40-42.
  2. “The Validity of a Contractual Obligation for Payment”, Justice 23 (Spring 2000), pp. 31-34.
  3. “Giving a GET before a war”, 27 Techumin (2007), pp. 418-425.
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Chief Editor, HaDin veHadayn (The Law and its Decisor): Rabbinical Court Decisions in Family Matters, The Rackman Center for the Advancement of the Status of Women, Faculty of Law, Bar-Ilan University.



Research Interests: Talmudic Law, History of Jewish Law Research, Israeli Legal   History, Rabbinical Courts, Jewish Family Law.



            2011-               Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Bar-Ilan University



            2001                Ph.D., Magna Cum Laude, Law, Bar-Ilan University

            1996                LL.B., Law, Bar-Ilan University

            1996                B.A., Talmud, Bar-Ilan University


PhD Dissertation Title: Foundations of ‘Dine Qenasot’ in Talmudic Law

Supervisors: Prof. Berachyahu Lifshitz, Faculty of Law, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Prof. Yedidia Z. Stern, Faculty of Law, Bar-Ilan University.



2008- 2011      Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Bar-Ilan University

2005-2006       Visiting Scholar, The Institute for Research in Jewish Law, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

2003-               Chief Editor, HaDin veHadayn (The Law and its Decisor): Rabbinical Court Decisions in Family Matters

2002-2007       Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Bar-Ilan University

2002-2004       Lecturer, Department of Talmud, Bar-Ilan University

2000-2002       Instructor, Faculty of Law, Bar-Ilan University

1999-2006       Researcher, State and Religion Project, The Israel Democracy Institute.

Spring 2012:    Visiting Professor, Southern Methodist University, Dedman   School of Law, Dallas, Texas.

Spring 2014:    Visiting Scholar, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Toronto.

2015:               Harry Starr Fellow in Judaica, Harvard University.


  1.             The Yaacov Herzog Foundation Prize for Jewish Law Doctoral Students.
  2.             The Wolf Foundation Prize for Outstanding Doctoral Students.
  1.             Bar-Ilan University Rector Prize for Outstanding Doctoral Students.

2000                The Schupf Foundation Scholarship.

1999-2001       The Memorial foundation for Jewish Culture Doctoral Scholarship.

2002                Pinhas Riklis Memorial Foundation Prize for Jewish Law Researcher.

2002                The Best Lecturer, Faculty of Law.

2003                Dahan Institute for Sepharadic Heritage (Bar-Ilan University) Scholarship.

2004-2005       Post-Doctoral Grant, The Memorial foundation for Jewish Culture.

2008                The Cegla Prize for the Best Article of Young a Legal Scholar in Hebrew

2008-2011       Israel Science Foundation, Three Years Individual Research Grant for the project: “Continuation or Innovation - The Official Rabbinical Courts System in the British Mandate Era and in the First Years of Israel.”

2010                The Tager Prize for the Best Article in Jewish Law.

2011                Ihel Research Grant for Jewish Studies.

2014–2017      Israel Science Foundation, Three Years Individual Research Grant for the project: "The Roots of Israeli Civil Legislation, 1948-1981".

E. Research STUDENTS

            LL.M. Students

1. Amit Gil-Bayaz, Contemplating ideology and Jewish law in "heter mechira" and its implementation by the JNF and the state of Israel, 2005 (Co-supervised with Prof. Yossi Katz, Geography).

2. Moshe Hershkovitz, Jewish Law according to the system and method of Rabbi Itzchak Issac Halevi Herzog, 2008.

3. Itiel Givon, Fictitious Marriage: Kiddushin Which Made without Purpose to Become a Married Couple according to Jewish Law, 2011.

4. Danit Harush, The Kettubah in Israeli Law, current.

5. Zvi Dorot, Civil Actions In Israeli Private Rabbinical Courts, 2015.

6. Nifon Mitsoulis, Family Cases in the Tribunals of the Greek Orthodox Church in Israel, current.

7. Shay Zilberberg, No Fault Divorce in Israeli Rabbinical Courts, current.

Ph.D. Students

1. Naama Sat, Methods used by Chief Sephardi Rabbi in Israel, Rabbi Ben-Zion Meir Hai Uziel, to reach decisions on family law, 2008.

2. Ilan Fuchs, Women’s Torah study and the role of women as functionaries in the Halachic-legal system , 2009 (Co-supervised with Prof. Kimmy Kaplan, Jewish History).

3. Tehilla Beeri, The required state of mind to establish kiddushin in the context of conditional or erroneous marriage claims, 2010.

4. Yossi Sharabi, 'Domestic Peace': Juridical Intervention in Resolving and Preventing Marital Crises in Jewish and Israeli Law, 2012.

5. Moshe Hershkovitz, Rabbi Itzchak Halevi Herzog as a Jurist: His Decisions and Responsa in Civil Cases, 2015.

 6. Amir Zoarets, Judicial Policy and Halachic Methods Used by Rabbi Ovadia Yosef  to Reach  Decisions on Family Law, 2016.

7. Hillel Habshush, Violence as Divirce cause Israeli Rabbinical Courts, current.


Selected Recent Active Participation in International Scientific Meetings


Lecture – 'Jewish Family Law, the Agunah and General Issues in Jewish Law', Fordham University, New-York, February 7-8, 2010.

Lecture - " 'Mishpat Cohen': Initial Thoughts on the Legal Concept of R. A.I. Kook", The Jewish Law Association 16th International Conference, June 21-24, 2010.

Lecture- 'Rabbinical Court Jurisdiction Law as a Halakhic problem: Creative Halakhic Rulings in Israeli Rabbinical Courts', Association for Israel Studies, 27th Annual Conference, June 13-15, 2011, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA.

Lecture – "Israel between Orient and Occident", Workshop 2012, Israel Studies Program, University of Calgary, 4-6.3.2012.

Comment - Halakhah and Reality, The Skirball Department for Hebrew and Judaic Studies NYU; Tikvah Center, NYU Law School; Cardozo Law School, YU, NYU, 29.4-1.5.2012.

Lecture - Conference to mark the 75th anniversary of the enactment of the Irish Constitution, UCD Constitutional Studies Group, University College Dublin, 28-30.6.2012.

Lecture - The Jewish Law Association 17th International Conference, Yale University, 30.7-2.8.2012.

Lecture - International Conference on Legal Interpretation of Religious Texts, NYU, 11-12.9.2012.

Lecture, Princeton workshop on Law and Zionism, Princeton U. 10-11.3.13.

Lecture, The Oriental Institute of the University of Oxford. The seminar on Orthodoxy, Theological Debate and Contemporary Judaism: A Critical Exploration of Questions Raised in the Thought of Louis Jacobs, 23.5.13.

Comment, The 4th Berg International Conference- In-Between: Trade and Legal Pluralism in the Era of the Geniza, Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law May 29-31st, 2013.

Jofa and Tikvah Center, NYU Agunah Summit, 24.6.13.

Lecture, 2013 Annual Meeting, The American Society for Legal History, Miami, November 7-10, 2013.

Tikvah Advanced Institutes: 'The Future of the Family', New-York 7-18.7.14.



Paper and Lecture - Scholars Seminar, Schusterman Center for Israel Studies, Brandeis University, 17.4.15.

 Paper and Lecture - Project on Gender, Culture, Religion and the Law, Hadassah-Brandeis Institute, Brandeis University, 22.4.15.

Commentator - New Material for the Study of Jewish Law and its Implications Early Modern Rabbinic Court Records: A Workshop, Tel-Aviv University Faculty of Law - The Berg Institute for Law and History, 22-23.6.15.