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Library Hours
Who Can Use the Library
General Guidelines
Library Setup
The Computerized Catalog (Primo)
Online Database
Computer Rooms

Discussion and research Rooms
Photocopy Services
Getting to Know The Library
Library Publications
Library Staff


Library Hours
Sun, Mod, Wed: 8:00 - 20:30
Tue, The: 8:00 - 21:15
Fri: 8:30 - 12:30
The computer room is open to law students as follows:
Sun - Thu: 9:00 - 20:00
Fri: 8:30 - 12:00
The library is closed during the Succoth and Passover half holidays (chol hamoed)
During Chanukah the library is open between 8:00 - 16:00.
When the library is closed, it is possible to return books into the apposite box near the entrance.
Phone: 03-5318360
Fax: 03-7384046
Email: law.library@biu.ac.il

Who Can Use the Library
The right to use the library is reserved to the staff and students of the Faculty of Law, to the academic and administrative staff of the University, and to students from other departments who need books that are not available in their libraries.
The staff and students of other universities and colleges in Israel are entitled to use the library but have no checkout privileges. 

General Guidelines
The reading public is asked to display proper and quiet conduct in the library.
Group study is allowed only in the conference rooms on the lower floor.
Eating, drinking, and smoking in the library are prohibited.
Cell phones must be turned off.
The librarian can remove readers who disrupt the peace in the library.

Library Setup
The library is situated in the building of the Faculty of Law. It has three floors. The first floor contains most of the Israeli material, a computer area for searching the online catalogs and databases, the reference desk, and the offices.
The lower floor hosts the collection of foreign books in all areas of law, foreign periodicals, and course materials. A computer lab, copy machines, and conference rooms for students are also on this floor.
The top floor hosts Jewish law, additional Israeli material, and legal sources from various countries (primarily the U.S. and England).

The Computerized Catalog (Primo)
The computerized catalog available to readers contains the collection of books, the collection of legal articles, and the collection of Bills.

The Books Catalog allows checking every book in Hebrew or English in the library's collection. Searching by:
Author (last name, first name)
Title (without "the")
Subject (there are separate lists of subjects for Hebrew and English)
Word or combination of words from all the fields, and more.
The system is shared by all the institutions of higher learning in Israel, so that from every computer it is possible to search all the catalogs, or search the unified catalog.

The Index to Legal Articles includes references to articles (without the full text) from periodicals and collections of articles in Hebrew and in English that have been published in legal journals in Israel since 1976 onward. Includes also publications in related areas such as taxation and economics, and selected articles about Israel and Jewish law published abroad.
Searching by: author name, title, subject, word or combination of words, and more.
The Index to Bills includes citations (without the full text) to Bills since 1948 onward.

Online Database
The library subscribes to a large number of Israeli and foreign legal databases of case law, laws, and periodicals. The library subscribes also to the main Israeli and foreign inter-disciplinary databases.

A WiFi wireless network is available in the Building

Computer Rooms
Students have access to two computers laboratories furnished with 28 computers that allow access to the computerized catalog, all the online databases, and to Word. The computers are attached to two for-pay printers


Discussion and research Rooms
Students have access to two conference rooms at the lower floor,  where group study and scholars can meet for the purpose of beneficial discussions in a pleasant and academic environment. Law students may reserve the room in advance for a three hour session. Note: If you do not arrive for your reservation 15 minutes or more after the start time, Libraries’ staff may release the reservation so the room is available to other community members.

Photocopy Services
Copy machines are available to the public on the lower floor. Copy cards can be purchased in the offices of Hamafil (across from the administration building). Copies can also be made by means of credit card or coins. For the convenience of the readers there is a set of PDs next to the copy machines.

Getting to Know The Library
At the beginning of the academic year, the library organizes guided tours intended to familiarize students with the library and its resources. In the course of the year the library offers training in the use of the computerized catalogs and the various databases.To schedule a meeting, contact Mrs.Ganit Yosef at 03-5318360.
For the convenience of the students, a detailed powerpoint presentation has been placed on this site for learning about each legal database available.

Books in the library are classified into three categories:
1. Regular books - can be checked out for one or two weeks.
2. Reserved books for limited checkout:
First copy (red tag) does not circulate; additional copies (yellow tag) can be checked out for two days.
3. Books that do not circulate:
a. PDs from all courts, in all languages (except copies of Supreme Court rulings that can be checked out for two days)
b. Laws, ordinances, and other official publications in all languages
c. English periodicals
d. Reference books (dictionaries, indices, etc.)
e. At least one copy of each reserved book
f. Series
Library card
Checkout is by means of the library card that is mailed to every student before the beginning of the academic year. The card is personal and cannot be transferred others.
Number of books checked out
Students can check out up to 3 reserved books and 5 regular books at the same time.
Checkout hours
- Regular books: from 8:00
- Reserved books: from 12:00
Students are responsible for any and all damages to checked-out books.
Students are not allowed to transfer checked-out books to other readers.
The computer record determines the status of the students, the details of the checked-out books, late returns, and fines.
Book returns
books are to be returned into the apposite slot at the counter (Please don't place the returned book on the counter). Books returned after 20:00 will be recorded as having been returned in the morning of the following day.
Outside the library there is a  box where books can be returned when the library is closed.
Reserved books must be returned no later than 10:00.
Late fine
Late fine for reserved books: NIS 10/day (starting from the first late hour)
Late fine for regular books: NIS 5/day
Until the fine is paid, the students' check out rights are suspended. Extreme cases are handled by the Faculty of Law.
- Regular books. The system automatically extends the return date of Hebrew books up to one month and of English books up to two months (if there are no requests for the book). At the end of the extension period, the book must be returned to the library.
- Reserved books cannot be extended and checkout cannot be renewed.
It is possible to request a regular book (not reserved books) if all the copies are being checked out. Students can do so through the computer. When a copy is returned, the library will notify the student by phone.

 Library Publications
1. A. Schneider, B. Razinsky, Index of Legal Periodicals in Israel. Vol. 1, 1967-1996; Vol 2, 1997-2002.
2. B. Razinsky, Index of Legal Articles: Legislative and Case Law References (1978-1991).
3. E. Snyder. Israel: a Legal Research Guide. Hein, 2000.

Library Staff
Paula Barashi, Library director                                                                paula.barashi@biu.ac.il
Penina Cohen, Readers services                                                            penina.cohen@biu.ac.il
Ganit Yosef, Acquisition, reference and digital resources                       ganit.yosef@biu.ac.il
Shirli Lazar, Cataloging                                                                           shirly.lazar@biu.ac.il
Orit Stoch, Cataloging                                                                             orit.stoch@biu.ac.il
Diana Schwartz, Binding, periodicals and interlibrary circulation            diana.shwarts@biu.ac.il
Yafit Zang, Israeli periodicals, circulation and cataloging                        yafit.zang@biu.ac.il
Esther Eliyahu, Secretary                                                                       esther.eliyahu@biu.ac.il