Dean’s Message

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Welcome to the community of the Faculty of Law at Bar-Ilan University

The Faculty of Law at Bar-Ilan University, founded in 1969, is at the forefront of legal research in Israel and worldwide. In addition to striving for excellence in research and teaching, the Faculty is also deeply committed to Israeli society.

Innovation in research and teaching

Faculty members are at the forefront of research in Israel and internationally. The work of our Faculty members is published in leading international journals; our faculty members are frequently invited to lecture and teach at the most prestigious universities. The Faculty and its members have extensive connections across the globe. The Faculty is the only one in Israel to participate in Atlas, the international project aimed at facilitating cooperation between PhD students, which connects nine leading institutions worldwide. The Faculty also maintains exchange programs with institutions in the United States, Europe, Canada, and China. The Faculty hosts the Forum for Global Law that brings together activities in the field of international law, and the Law, Technology, and Big Data forum. The Faculty also leads the SSRN-HRN (Hebrew Research Network) project, which publishes and distributes articles on the Internet before their official publication.

The average admission scores of students admitted to undergraduate studies at the Faculty are among the highest in Israel. In the certification exams of the Bar Association, our students are regularly ranked in the top group. The legal education that students receive combines theoretical classes at the highest level with workshops in partnership with leading law firms. Our students and graduates are accepted to the highest positions in the private and public service sectors. The Faculty promotes a series of multidisciplinary programs that enable outstanding students to combine legal studies with economics, accounting, philosophy, business administration, political science, criminology, social work, history, information sciences, and East Asian studies. The Faculty of Law at Bar-Ilan University is the only one in Israel and one of the few in the world that has a unique interdisciplinary track (MA) in Environmental Regulation and Policy, operated jointly with the Department of Geography and the Environment. The wide-ranging exchange programs of the Faculty make it possible for our students to attend one of several leading institutions abroad for one semester, during their undergraduate studies. The Faculty publishes three journals that provide our students with an opportunity to experience work in the editorial board of a law review: the main journal of the Faculty, BIU Law Journal; the journal dealing with the study of Israeli democracy, Democratic Culture; and the international Journal of Law, Religion and State. The Faculty also operates a special program for the promotion of excellence for outstanding students.

The graduate programs at the Faculty are unique in Israel and leading in their fields. The Master's degree programs enable specialization in tracks that focus on specific areas of law, including commercial law, criminal law, and negotiation and arbitration. The Faculty also offers graduate programs in law aimed at students who do not have a bachelor's degree in law and who wish to add legal knowledge to their academic education in other areas. These varied programs attract students from all institutions of higher education in Israel. The most outstanding graduate students who wish to devote themselves to academic legal research can be admitted to the prestigious doctoral program of the Faculty. Some of the students are offered generous scholarships, which allow them to dedicate all their time to research. The Faculty is expected to launch two unique doctoral programs in the academic year 2018-2019: one in Regulation and Public Policy and one in Jewish Law. Both programs are open to outstanding students who do not have a bachelor's degree in law and who meet the admission requirements. Students who study in the PhD program at the Faculty also have access to the universities participating in the Atlas project.

Commitment to the Israeli Society

The Bar-Ilan Faculty of Law has a deep commitment to Israeli society, which is manifested in several ways. First, the Faculty established a network of legal clinics, exceptional in its scope and areas of activity, and it invests considerable resources in the development of this system. The activities of the clinics extend to both individual distress and fundamental social issues. The fields of activity of the clinics include civil legal aid, public advocacy, the rights of people with disabilities, environmental regulation, Jewish law, women's rights, mediation, and assistance for the elderly and for Holocaust survivors. In the academic year 2018-2019, a new clinic for equality will begin operation. All students of the Faculty participate in clinical activities as part of their legal education. Second, the Faculty encourages its members to engage in the development of Israeli law, both by conducting research that focuses on Israeli law and by participating in legislative committees and public activities. The research and public activities of Faculty members have led to many legal reforms in various fields. Several centers operate within the framework of the Faculty, focusing on dilemmas concerning the interface between law and society in Israel, including the Rackman Center, which actively works for the advancement of women's rights, the Center for Jewish and Democratic Law, and the Center for Communication and Law, which is operated jointly by the Faculty of Law and the School of Communications. In addition to these centers, clinics such as the Clinic for Environmental Regulation and the Clinic for People with Disabilities make a significant contribution to the development of law. Third, the Faculty is committed to building bridges between different parts of Israeli society. The Faculty strives to create a pluralistic community that respects diversity and encourages dialog and cooperation between people belonging to different strata of Israeli society. With projects such as the Center for Jewish and Democratic Law, the Faculty encourages in-depth discussion of controversial issues in Israeli society.

I invite you to join the community of the Faculty of Law and become a partner in the many academic and social activities that take place within it.


Prof. Oren Perez, Dean