Prof. Shimshon Ettinger

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1982 S.J.D, Hebrew University.

1976 L.L.B, Hebrew University.


Jewish Law, Philosophy of the Halakhah, Law and Ethics.


2007 Judaism in Spain and Portugal - International Conference in Portugal.

2006 Conference in honor of prof. Englard.

2005 Philosophy of the Halakha - an interdisciplinary perspective (Hebrew university).

2003 Law and Jewish Law - 50 years For Prof. Menahem Alon

2003 Religion and Law - Religions' influence on the Law - a multicultural analysis

2000 Judges and Judging in Jewish Law.


Civil Law, Laws of Evidence (in Jewish Law).





  1. Evidence in Jewish Law (The Institute for Research in Jewish Law, Hebrew University, Jerusalem) (Forthcoming, 2009).
  2. Agency in Jewish Law (1999).


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  2. Circumstantial Evidence in Monetary Law according to Jewish Law , Bar-Ilan L. Stad. (Forthcoming).
  3. Testimonial Competence of Women in Civil Matters Under Jewish Law , 20-21 Diney Israel 241 (2000-2001).
  4. Controversy and Truth - on Truth in the Halakhic Context , 21 J. L. A. 37 (2000).

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  6. Undisclosed Agency in Jewish Law and the Agency Law ,16-17 J. L. A. 1 (1990-1991).

  7. Two Comments on Maimonides' Method in 'Mishne Torah' ,106 Sinai 229 (1990).

  8. On the Role of Legal Logic in Maimonides' Mishne Torah , 14 J. L. A. 1 (1988-1989).

  9. The Legal Status of the Borrower , 13 J. L. A 23 (1987).

  10. The Question of Self Help in the Responsa of the Geonim and Early Authorties , 11-12 J. L. A. 41 (1984-1986).

  11. An agent's Deviation from an Authorization in Jewish Law, 9-10 J. L. A. 29 (1982-1983).

  12. Tortual Liability of a False Witness in Jewish Law, 9 Mishpatim 93 (1979).

  13. The High Court of Justice - a Retreat for Captives of Marriage?, 4 mishpatim 428 (1972).


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  1. Private Enforcement in Jewish Law (Tel Aviv University Press & Boston University Presss, Forthcoming).

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