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BIU LAW Team to the Frankfurt Investment Arbitration Moot Court (FIAMC 2021) Student Competition

This year, a team of 4 students LLB students from the Bar-Ilan Faculty of Law will be the first and only Israeli team to participate in the virtual version of the Frankfurt Investment Arbitration Moot Court (FIAMC 2021) – the oldest and most prestigious student competition in the area of investment protection law.

 The competition -which will be held in March 2021- simulates litigation against teams from around the world before an investment arbitration tribunal - composed of experts from leading international law firms, academia, and judges from the International Court of Justice. The FIAMC competition is unique in that it combines actual historical events and the law of investment protection, one of the most modern and fastest developing areas of international law.

 Participating and preparing for the competition requires many hours of intense learning. Beginning with training on the principles of international law and arbitration in investment disputes; followed by rigorous legal research on the variety of issues that arise in the competition case; and, concluding with simulating many of the various complex international law issues that arise from the case.

The team is coached by Nir Deutsch, a lawyer at the international law department of the Israeli Ministry of Justice and a part-time lecturer at Bar-Ilan University, with academic supervision by the senior Bar-Ilan Law Faculty staff members: Prof. Arie Reich and Dr. Sivan Shlomo-Agon.

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The National IHL Competition is a four-day event organized by the International Red Cross and Red Crescent delegation in Israel. During the competition, teams of three students from different Israeli academic institutions participate in several rounds of simulations that not only test their knowledge of international humanitarian law but also their ability to apply it to real-life situations (such as giving legal advice on the legitimacy of bombing a bridge which is used to transport weapons to enemy troops but is also essential to the delivery of essential food supplies to the civilian population).

 The object and purpose of the event is to educate and familiarize students with the different aspects and delicate balances within IHL. The students are not only required to acquire a vast knowledge in international law and in particular in IHL, but they also to learn how to advocate such rules in accordance with their role in the simulations.

 The winning team will receive the IHL Competition Award and will automatically admitted and be granted sponsorship by the competition committee to the Pictet international IHL competition

Bar-Ilan University is a consistent participant in the competition, and in 2019, Daria Chill from Bar-Ilan won the Best Speaker Award. 

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