Democratic Culture 12

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Uri Zilbersheld

The Legal and Political Development of the Israeli Declaration of Independence - A Victory of the Bourgeois Democratic Concept 

Ariel L. Feldstein

Dit It Really Hang on One Vote? The Meeting of People's Admonistration on the Eve of the Establishment of the State of Israel 

Yaacov Yadgar

From Within and from Without: National Identity in Israel and its Reflection In the Changing Images of the National Other 

Nissim Leon

Religion, Class, and Political Action in Religious-Zionism in Israel 

Benyamin Neuberger

The Amish. The Rule of Law and Freedom of Religion - The Culture of Compromise in American Democracy 

Michael Feige

The Imagined Communities of Archaeology: On Nationalism, Otherness and Surfaces 

Ariel Picard

'According to the Law of Moses and Israel' - The Essence of Marriage Acoording to the Halakhic Decisors of the Twentieth Century: Civil Marriage as a Test Case 

Last Updated Date : 10/10/2013