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Dr. Yael Shmaryahu-Yeshurun

Fields of Interest

Yael's research interests focus on spatial policy, urban communities and spatial relations between different ethno-national, class and religious groups. Her research combines theories, concepts and methods from public policy, urban sociology and geography. In her doctoral dissertation, completed in the Department of Administration and Public Policy at the Ben-Gurion University (2020), Yael investigates the connection between Nationalism and Neo-Liberalism in the Israelis’ Settlement Policy in the Periphery and Mixed cities (the case of "urban settlers communities"- Garinim Torani'im and Ayalim association). She developed the term “State-Led Ethno-Gentrification” to describe the policy and its implications.


Yael is currently researching the roles of law in ultraorthodox communities struggle for voluntary spatial separation and their relationship with society and the state.

Post-doc supervisors:

Dr. Shay Shtern, Faculty of Law at the Bar-Ilan University

and Dr. Avital Margait, Sapir Academic College


Last Updated Date : 07/02/2021