Democratic Culture 10: Gender and Society in Israel - In Memory of Prof. Dafna Izraeli

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Guest Editors: Tova Cohen, Ruth Halperin-Kaddari







Table of Contents


Adi Eyal
The Economic and Feminist Approaches to Law: An Eternal Feud, or
a Misunderstanding Among Friends?

Orly Benjamin
Going Downhill in the Labor Market: The Commodification of Feminine Work Force in Israel

Zehavit Gross
The Mute Feminist Psychological Template of Girl Graduates
of Religious-Zionist High Schools in Israel

Henriette Dahan-Kalev
Mizrahi Feminism, Post Colonialism and Globalization

Ruth Halperin-Kaddari
"Complete Equality...Irrespective of...Sex...":Women, Law and Social Change in Israel

Hanna Herzog
Between the Lawn and the Gravel Path - Women, Politics, and Civil Society

Dafna Izraeli
Gender Politics in Israel: The Case of Affirmative Action in the Appointment of
Women to Directorships

Tova Cohen
Jewish Women's Leadership: Israeli Modern Orthodoxy as a Test Case

Aliza Lavie
Men are the Discourse and Women Only Add Color

Pnina Lahav
Gender Politics and the Diaspora Museum

Orly Lubin
Between the Workers' Kitchen and the Hungarian Café An Autobiography of an Urban Woman

Hannah Safran
The Broken Dream, or The Legend of Equal Opportunity: Immigrant Women and the Myth of Equality in Israel

Orit Kamir
Typology and Analysis of Israeli Feminism


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