October 2017

ספרים חדשים בספריה למשפטים  ספטמבר ואוקטובר  2017



05.2(73) JUD BON
Judicial elections in the 21st century / edited by Chris W. Bonneau and Melinda Gann Hall. New York, NY : Routledge, 2017.[000619141]



67.3(42) SUP 2017
Supperstone, Michael, author. Judicial review / Michael Supperstone, James Goudie, Paul Walker ; general editor: Helen Fenwick. Sixth edition. London : LexisNexis Butterworths, 2017.[000619208]

ישר מבק
ישראל. משרד מבקר המדינה .. טיפול המדינה בקשישים סיעודיים השוהים בביתם : דוח ביקורת מיוחד. ירושלים : [המדפיס הממשלתי], תשע"ח, 2017.[000619438]


91.9 REG
Regulating dispute resolution : ADR and access to justice at the crossroads / edited by Felix Steffek and Hannes Unberath ; in cooperation with Hazel Genn, Reinhard Greger and Carrie Menkel-Meadow. Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2013.[000619398]

91(42) SIM 2017
Sime, Stuart, author. A practical approach to civil procedure / Stuart Sime. Twentieth edition. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2017[000619207]



56.2(73) LIT
Litan, Robert E., 1950- , author. The need for speed : a new framework for telecommunications policy for the 21st century / Robert E. Litan and Hal J. Singer. Washington, DC : Brookings Institution Press, 2013[000619390]

56.5 STA
Statham, Simon, author. Redefining trial by media : towards a critical-forensic linguistic interface / Simon Statham. Amsterdam : John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2016.[000619411]



International Congress of Comparative Law (19th : 2014 : .. General reports of the XIXth Congress of the International Academy of Comparative law = Rapports Généraux du XIXème Congrès de l'Académie Internatinale de Droit Comparé / Martin Schauer, Bea Verschraegen, editors. Dordrecht : Springer, 2017[000619384]



51.2 מרק מור [שמור[
מרקוס, איריס, מחבר. מורה דרך לתביעות "ספאם" : (עילות תביעה, הגנות, סדרי דין, דוגמאות ותקדימים) / איריס מרקוס. פתח תקוה : אוצר המשפט, 2017.

51.4 TZA
Tzanou, Maria, author. The fundamental right to data protection : normative value in the context of counter-terrorism surveillance / Maria Tzanou. Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2017.[000619129]



62.6 BRE
Brennan, Fernne, author. Race rights reparations : institutional racism and the law / Fernne Brennan. Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2017.[000619348]

62.8(4) CRI
Criticism of the European Court of Human Rights : shifting the convention system : counter-dynamics at the national and EU level / Patricia Popelier, Sarah Lambrecht, Koen Lemmens (eds.). Cambridge : Intersentia, 2016.[000619159]

62.8 BREE
Breen, Claire, author. Economic and social rights and the maintenance of international peace and security / Claire Breen. Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2017.[000619356]

62.8 STEP
Stephenson, Scott (Scott Mark), author. From dialogue to disagreement in comparative rights constitutionalism / Scott Stephenson. Annandale : The Federation Press, 2016.[000619161]

62.85 QUE
Queering international law : possibilities, alliances, complicities, risks / edited by Dianne Otto. Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2018.[000619347]

63.02 ROS [entrance floor]
Rosenthal, Maoz, author. Israel's governability crisis : quandaries, unstructured institutions, and adaptation / Maoz Rosenthal. Lanham : Lexington Books, 2017[000619381]

62.2(73) LAK
Lake, Jessica, author. The face that launched a thousand lawsuits : the American women who forged a right to privacy / Jessica Lake. New Haven, CT : Yale University Press, 2016[000619079]

62.02 MAS [entrance floor]
Masri, Mazen, author. The dynamics of exclusionary constitutionalism : Israel as a Jewish and democratic state / Mazen Masri. Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2017.[000619155]

62.6(73) WHI
Whitman, James Q., 1957- , author. Hitler's American model : the United States and the making of Nazi race law / James Q. Whitman. Princeton : Princeton University Press, 2017[000619089]

62.8(4) MORR
Morree, P. E. de (Paulien E. de), author. Rights and wrongs under the ECHR : the prohibition of abuse of rights in Article 17 of the European Convention on Human Rights / Paulien de Morree. Cambridge : Intersentia, 2016[000619102]

62.8 HUM COR
Human rights encounter legal pluralism : normative and empirical approaches / edited by Giselle Corradi, Eva Brems and Mark Goodale. Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2017.[000619134]

62.8 WHE
Wheatle, Se-shauna, 1985- , author. Principled reasoning in human rights adjudication / Se-shauna Wheatle. Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2017[000619135]

62(43) SCH
Schmitt, Carl, 1888-1985, author. Constitutional theory / Carl Schmitt ; translated and edited by Jeffrey Seitzer ; foreword by Ellen Kennedy. Durham : Duke University Press, 2008.[000619168]



37.6 קור [שמור[
קורן, יהודית, מחבר. עקרון האחריות המוגבלת והחברה הפרטית / יהודית קורן. צפרירים : נבו, תשע"ז, 2017.[000619453]

41.4 HER
Heritage, culture and rights : challenging legal discourses / edited by Andrea Durbach and Lucas Lixinski. Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2017.[000619167]

ליכ  ] 2017 שמור[
ליכט, אריה, מחבר. עבירות תעבורה : הלכה ומעשה / אריה ליכט, מורד מפרע. מהדורה חדשה ומעודכנת פתח תקוה : אוצר המשפט, 2017.[000619420]


80.6 QIA
Wang, Qianyun, author. A comparative study of cybercrime in criminal law : China, US, England, Singapore and the Council of Europe / Qianyun Wang. Oisterwijk : Wolf Legal Publishers, 2017.[000618994]



81.8 DSO
Dsouza, Mark, author. Rationale-based defences in criminal law : "I did it. I chose to do it. And here's why ..." / Mark Dsouza. Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2017.[000619166]

ג'יאהונג, הי, מחבר. חזרה מן המתים : הרשעות שגויות וצדק פלילי בסין / הי ג'יאהונג ; עורכים: פייר לביא, אמנון יוספיאן. ירושלים : לביא פ. אנטרפרייז, תשע"ז, 2017.


31.5 מונ [שמור[
מונדרר, נתנאל, מחבר. חוק הגנת הצרכן, התשמ"א-1981 ותקנותיו : הדין, ההלכה, התאוריה והמעשה / נתנאל מונדרר. פתח תקוה : אוצר המשפט, 2017.

31.31 LOO 2017
Lookofsky, Joseph M., author. Understanding the CISG : a compact guide to the 1980 United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods / Joseph Lookofsky. Fifth (worldwide) edition. Alphen aan den Rijn : Kluwer Law International, 2017.[000619350]

34.2(73) EPS PRI 2017
Epstein, David G., 1943- , author. Principles of bankruptcy law / David G. Epstein, Steve H. Nickles. Second edition. St. Paul, MN : West Academic Publishing, 2017[000619045]



77(73) RIG
Righting educational wrongs : disability studies in law and education / edited by Arlene S. Kanter and Beth A. Ferri ; with a foreword by Nancy Cantor. Syracuse, NY : Syracuse University Press, 2013[000619162]



 96 קאה [שמור[
קאהן-ניסר, יהודית, מחבר. האיחוד האירופי : היסטוריה, מוסדות ומדיניות / שרה קאהן-ניסר. רעננה : האוניברסיטה הפתוחה, תשע"ז, 2016.[000619475]

96.8 ARM
Armstrong, Kenneth A., author. Brexit time : leaving the EU - why, how and when? / Kenneth A. Armstrong. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2017[000619124]



92.3 קדם 2017 [שמור[
קדם, אבנר, מחבר. מומחים בדיני משפחה / אבנר קדם, דורית מגן. מהדורה חדשה ומעודכנת פתח תקוה : אוצר המשפט, 2017.[000619422]


13.7(73) KAL
Kalantry, Sital, author. Women's human rights and migration : sex-selective abortion laws in the United States and India / Sital Kalantry. Philadelphia, PA : University of Pennsylvania Press, 2017.[000619357]

13.2 HUM STA
Human rights and children / edited by Barbara Stark. Cheltenham, UK : An Elgar Research Collection 2017.[000619133]

13.8 GEN
Gender and justice in family law disputes : women, mediation, and religious arbitration / edited by Samia Bano. Waltham, MA : Brandeis University Press, 2017[000619092]

13 HAC
Hacker, Dafna, author. Legalized families in the era of bordered globalization / Daphna Hacker. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2017[000618981]



26.1 EQU DAV
Equity, trusts and commerce / edited by Paul S. Davies and James Penner. Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2017.[000619132]



63.5 SCH
Schmitt, Carl, 1888-1985, author. Political theology : four chapters on the concept of sovereignty / Carl Schmitt ; translated by George Schwab ; with a new foreword by Tracy B. Strong. Chicago, IL : University of Chicago Press, 2005.[000619169]

Schmitt, Carl, 1888-1985, author. The concept of the political / Carl Schmitt ; translation, introduction, and notes by George Schwab ; with Leo Strauss's notes on Schmitt's essay ; translated by J. Harvey Lomax ; foreword by Tracy B. Strong. Chicago, IL : University of Chicago Press, 1996.[000619170]



76.21 PRI
Prisco, Carlo, author. The right to vegetarianism / Carlo Prisco. Lanham : Hamilton Books, 2017[000619160]



60.3 HAJ
Hajj, Nadya, author. Protection amid chaos : the creation of property rights in Palestinian refugee camps / Nadya Hajj. New York, NY : Columbia University Press, 2017[000619150]



20.1  מרק 2017 [שמור[
מרקוס, איריס, מחבר. התנגדות לצוואה וביטולה : עילות ופגמים / איריס מרקוס. מהדורה שניה ומעודכנת פתח תקוה : אוצר המשפט, 2017.[000619413]

20 (73) MEN 2017 [entrance floor]
Mennell, Robert L., 1934- , author. Wills and trusts in a nutshell / Robert L. Mennell, Sherri L. Burr. Fifth edition. St. Paul, MN : West Academic Publishing, 2017[000619156]



98.6 BEN
Benvenisti, Eyal, author. Between fragmentation and democracy : the role of national and international courts / Eyal Benvenisti, George W. Downs. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2017.[000619415]

98.9 SINC
Sinclair, Guy Fiti, author. To reform the world : international organizations and the making of modern states / Guy Fiti Sinclair. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2017[000619373]

98.75 MOG
Moghadam, Assaf, 1974- , author. Nexus of global Jihad : understanding cooperation among terrorist actors / Assaf Moghadam. New York, NY : Columbia University Press, 2017.[000619379]

98.702 ROS [entrance floor]
Rosenzweig, Ido, author. Combatants dressed as civilians : the case of the Israeli mista’arvim under international law / Ido Rosenzweig. Jerusalem : Israel Democracy Institute, 2014.[000619454]



99.7 JOB [entrance floor]
Jobani, Yuval, author. Women of the Wall : navigating religion in sacred sites / Yuval Jobani, Nahshon Perez. New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2017[000619122]



06.1 CAMB
The Cambridge companion to natural law jurisprudence / edited by George Duke, Robert P. George. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2017.[000619364]

06.4 WAL
Waldron, Jeremy, author. One another's equals : the basis of human equality / Jeremy Waldron. Cambridge, MA : The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2017.[000619342]

Lucy, William, 1962- , author. Law's judgement / William Lucy. Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2017.[000619346]

06.4 מרד [שמור]
מרדוק, אייריס, מחבר. ריבונות הטוב / אייריס מרדוק ; מבוא ותרגום: יואב אשכנזי. הוצאת שלם : ירושלים, תשע"ז, 2017.

Bentham, Jeremy, 1748-1832, author. Preparatory principles / edited by Douglas G. Long and Philip Schofield. Oxford : Clarendon Press, 2016.[000619139]



57.8 COS
Costantino, Cathy A., 1955- , author. Designing conflict management systems : a guide to creating productive and healthy organizations / Cathy A. Costantino, Christina Sickles Merchant ; foreword by William L. Ury. San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass, 1996.[000619344]

57 בגס [שמור[
בגס שמר, רעות, מחבר. מעסיקים גדולים בדיני עבודה / רעות שמר בגס. צפרירים : נבו, תשע"ז, 2017.[000619416]


03.1 כהן 2 [שמור]
משפט, תרבות וספר : ספר נילי כהן / עורכים: עופר גרוסקופף, שי לביא. תל אביב : אוניברסיטת תל אביב, ההוצאה לאור ע"ש חיים רובין, תשע"ז, 2017.[000619340]


10.2(73) CHA 2017 [entrance floor]
Champion, Walter T., 1950- , author. Sports law in a nutshell / Walter T. Champion, Jr. Fifth edition. St. Paul, MN : West Academic Publishing, 2017[000619145]



82 CAR
Carvalho, Henrique, author. The preventive turn in criminal law / Henrique Carvalho. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2017[000619165]

82 ROU
The Routledge international handbook of criminology and human rights / edited by Leanne Weber, Elaine Fishwick and Marinella Marmo. London : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2017.[000619362]



02.4(42) STA
Stark, Shona Wilson, author. The work of the British Law Commissions : law reform... now? / Shona Wilson Stark. Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2017.[000619345]



08.4 PRA
The pragmatic turn in law : inference and interpretation in legal discourse / edited by Janet Giltrow and Dieter Stein. Berlin : De Gruyter Mouton, 2017.[000619385]

08.3(100) HOF 2017 [Front desk]
Hoffman, Marci, author. International legal research in a nutshell / Marci B. Hoffman, Robert C. Berring, Jr. Second edition. St. Paul, MN : West Academic Publishing, 2017[000619151]

08.3 LAWL 2016
Lawless, Robert M., 1964- , author. Empirical methods in law / Robert M. Lawless, Jennifer K. Robbennolt, Thomas S. Ulen. Second edition. New York : Wolters Kluwer, 2016[000619153]

08.4(73) BAH 2017 [entrance floor]
Bahrych, Lynn, author. Legal writing and analysis in a nutshell / Lynn Bahrych, Jeanne Merino, Beth McLellan. Fifth edition. St. Paul, MN : West Academic Publishing, 2017[000619138]

08.7(73) MAR 2017
Margeton, Stephen G., author. Designing law and other academic libraries : building upon change / Stephen G. Margeton. Third edition Getzville, NY : William S. Hein & Co., Inc., 2016[000618896]

08.7 LUS
Lushington, Nolan, 1929- , author. Libraries : a design manual / Nolan Lushington, Wolfgang Rudorf, Liliane Wong. Basel : Birkhäuser, 2016[000619198]

08.9 EDU
Educating the digital lawyer / Oliver Goodenough and Marc Lauritsen, eds. New Providence, NJ : LexisNexis, 2012.[000619182]



17.6 EMI
Eminent domain : a comparative perspective / edited by Iljoong Kim, Hojun Lee, Ilya Somin. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2017.[000618976]



64 ALA
Alarie, Benjamin, author. Commitment and cooperation on high courts : a cross-country examination of institutional constraints on judges / Benjamin Alarie, Andrew J. Green. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2017[000619203]

64 U.S. ROS 2008
Rosenberg, Gerald N., author. The hollow hope : can courts bring about social change? / Gerald N. Rosenberg. Second edition. Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2008.[000619455]

Corstens, G. J. M. author. Understanding the rule of law / Geert Corstens ; translated from the original Dutch by Annette Mills. Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2017.[000619341]



73.7 DIE
Dietsch, Peter, author. Catching capital : the ethics of tax competition / Peter Dietsch. New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2015[000619199]

73.02 LIN [entrance floor]
Likhovski, Assaf, author. Tax law and social norms in mandatory Palestine and Israel / Assaf Likhovski. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2017[000619383]

73.6(73) KAH TAX 2017 [entrance floor]
Kahn, Douglas A., 1934- , author. Taxation of S corporations in a nutshell / Douglas A. Kahn, Jeffrey H. Kahn, Terrence G. Perris. Second edition St. Paul, MN : West Academic Publishing, 2017[000619152]



Gilmore, Leigh, 1959- , author. Tainted witness : why we doubt what women say about their lives / Leigh Gilmore. New York, NY : Columbia University Press, 2017.[000619148]

14 WIN
Winter, Bronwyn, 1955- , author. Women, insecurity, and violence in a post-9/11 world / Bronwyn Winter. Syracuse, NY : Syracuse University Press, 2017.[000619380]

Women judges in the Muslim world : a comparative study of discourse and practice / edited by Nadia Sonneveld and Monika Lindbekk. Leiden : Brill, 2017[000619360]


משפט עברי

א3 HOL
Hollander, David A., 1974- , author. Legal scholarship in Jewish law : an annotated bibliography of journal articles / by David Hollander. Getzville, NY : William S. Hein & Co., Inc., 2017.[000619075]

א4 פינ
גורדין, הראל, מחבר. הרב משה פיינשטיין - הנהגה הלכתית בעולם משתנה / הראל גורדין. אלון שבות : הוצאת מכללת הרצוג - תבונות, תשע"ז, 2017.[000619393]

מ2 הלב HAL
Halbertal, Moshe, author. Maimonides : life and thought / Moshe Halbertal ; translated from the Hebrew by Joel Linsider. Princeton, NJ : Princeton University Press, 2014[000619382]

Warburg, A. Yehuda (Aryeh Yehuda), author. Rabbinic authority : the vision and the reality : Beit Din decisions in English / A. Yehuda (Ronnie) Warburg. Jerusalem : Urim, 2013.[000619377]