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Higher Education from Cambridge University Press offers the highest quality content and resources for leading authors to instructors and students, supporting successful teaching and learning journeys in today’s rapidly changing educational environment.

The textbooks cover many subjects across Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine and Nursing, the Humanities, and the Social Sciences. 

Key Features of the Cambridge Higher Education website:

- unlimited concurrent access via IP address;

- offline reading via PC/Mac app, Mobile app for iOS or Android;

- download of full textbooks possible via app;

- highlighting and bookmarking functionality;

- full-text search;  

- copy/paste/print available (up to 15% of the book  per user);

- new editions and new textbook titles are available on publication;

- online resources and supplementary material all in one place;

- available through library discovery systems or Core search;

- around 1100 e-textbooks available 

- improved process for requesting examination copies

- access to supplementary resources to support instructors and students

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Last Updated Date : 07/11/2023