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Most eBooks (including book chapters searching) and journals can also be accessed to via the

1. Primo - Bar Ilan Catalogue

2. And also via EDS - EBSCO articles discovery system

Primo and EDS compliment each other - it is recommended to us use them both.


In order to enter our electronic resources, please follow the instructions below:

1. Click on Sign in:

Username:   9 digits of ID no.

Password: Students - use your same password from the Moodle system.

                  Academic Faculty - use your same password from the Exchange mail.

                  Administrative Faculty - you need to create a new password : click on "Forgot  Password" and follow instructions.

2. Search for the required material using the catalog.

3. Click on full text (or check for full text)


If you would like to search electronic materials directly from the database or the eBooks collection, please go here for full databases list, and here for full list of eBooks collections.


Use of the library's collections - printed, electronic and digital is limited to Bar-Ilan's users only, for the sole purpose of studying, teaching and research.

Use of the library materials is only in accordance with copyright protection.

No book or journal may be fully copied / scanned or downloaded under contractual agreement between the publishers and the library.

Any violation of copyright terms will revoke access to the electronic resources and to the university. In addition violators of copyright laws can be subject to legal action from the university.

For full information regarding copyright laws click here.