Prof. Amihai Radzynor published in M'kor Rishon

Proffesor Amihay Radzynor, lecturer and chief editor of the periodical “Din Vhadayan” published by the Rackman Center of the BIU Law Faculty, recently published an article in the “Mekor Rishon “newspaper, discussing the merits of the center and its work. Proffesor Radzinor made note of the fact that Din Vhadayan plays the significant role of being the sole journal in which Rabbinic court decisions are consolidated and published to allow researchers, lawyers and all those interested to examine the development of Rabbinic court rulings. The place of Din Vhadayan is so firmly entrenched in the field that the rabbinical court judges and officials have come to use it as their primary resource to reference past decisions.

Last Updated Date : 07/10/2013