M.A. for Graduates of the Social Sciences and the Humanities

M.A. degree in legal studies in a special track without a thesis for graduates in the Social Sciences and the Humanities. The program is conducted in an intensive track over 15 months.
The program offers a broad range of courses in various areas of public law, family law, labor law and contracts, with special emphasis on practical aspects. The objective of the program is to expand and consolidate the students' knowledge in the legal areas, and to equip them with up-to-date tools needed to cope with the contemporary legal-commercial reality. Students who complete the program are awarded an M.A. degree in legal studies.
University regulations for graduate level studies are published separately on the site of the Office of Student Affairs.
1 Duration of the program
Studies are conducted in four consecutive semesters, as follows: summer semester, followed by studies during the subsequent academic year (first semester, second semester, and summer semester). Students can complete all the program requirements in 15 months.
2 Program requirements
Studies are conducted within a structured framework and contain 56 credits. All students must attend all the courses offered especially for the program, and participate in two of the seminars offered within the program.
3 Graduation
Students must achieve a grade point average of at least 75 to graduate from this track.
4 Studies within the framework of this program do not meet requirements of the Faculty of Law's LL.B. program
5 To eliminate all doubt, the studies do not enable graduates to practice law.
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