Joined Program with Department of Philosophy



 Law and Philosophy Studies at Bar Ilan University 


Program director: Hanoch Sheinman

The Program and its Objectives

The Bar-Ilan Faculty School of Law (BIU Law) and Department of General Philosophy (BIU Philosophy) offer an integrated program for the study of law and philosophy. Philosophical training helps students develop analytic, argumentative, and writing skills that are tremendously important for any career in law. The value of such training for graduate or postgraduate studies and teaching or academic career is particularly high.

Participants in the program will study toward a law degree (LL.B.) and simultaneously toward a direct master's degree in philosophy (MA), without having to take a first degree in philosophy.

The Program's Tracks

The program can be taken in two tracks:

Track A: Law degree and Philosophy MA without thesis.  This track must be completed within four years of study.

Track B: Law degree and Philosophy MA with thesis.  This track must be completed within five years of study.

Track A is designed for students who intend to start their law internship ("stage") shortly after completing their law degree.  Track B is particularly suitable for students who consider pursuing doctoral studies.

The Program's Stages

The program has two stages: stage 1 (years 1-2) and stage 2 (years 3-4/5).

Stage 1 Requirements (years 1-2)

In addition to the mandatory law courses, the participants in the program are required to complete 24 semesterial hours of supplementary philosophy studies by the end of their second year of studies with an average grade of 85.

The supplementary philosophy courses are as follows:

First year:

Logic (4 hours)

History of Ancient Philosophy (4 hours)

History of Political thought (4 hours)

Second year:

History of Modern Philosophy (4 hours)

Ethical Principles of Action / Introduction to Moral Philosophy (4 hours)

Jurisprudence (4 hours)

Stage 2 Requirements (years 3-4)

The number of hours required for completing the direct master's degree are as follows:

Track A (w/o thesis): 44 semesterial hours (68 with the supplementary philosophical studies)

Track B (with thesis): 36 semesterial hours (60 with the supplementary philosophical studies)

Capstone seminar

Students in their fourth year in the program take Philosophical Foundations of Law, a research seminar in which they are expected to take an active role in the discussion including by making presentations.


Registration for the Program of Law and Philosophy Studies will take place right at the very beginning of Year 1.

Registration for the MA in Philosophy will take place by the end of Year 2 and only after the student has satisfied completed her supplementary philosophical studies.