Democratic Culture

Democracy in Israel is a young sapling. The depth of its roots and spread of its branches in the local culture are as yet undefined. The adoption of the idea of democracy has been influenced by the history of the Jewish people, a history characterized by lack of sovereignty and by the collective memory of one who suspects the other and is persecuted by him. Democracy in Israel is develping hesitantly within the framework of tension between two powerful competing civilizations: that of traditional Judaism and that of liberal western society.

This situation creates an existential need to explore questions relating to the texture of democratic life in the State of Israel. The journal Democratic Culture was founded for this purpose: to serve as a forum for studies on democratic culture in general and Israeli democracy in particular. This interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary publication welcomes studies in the humanities, social sciences, law and Jewish studies. studies. Its editors are Prof. Yedidia Stern from the Faculty of Law and Prof. Avi Sagi from the Philosophy Department.


editors: Prof. Yedidia Stern, Prof. Avi Sagi, Assistant Editor: Hanan Mandel.

  • Democratic Culture 12


    Table of Contents

    Uri Zilbersheld

    The Legal and Political Development of the Israeli Declaration of Independence - A Victory of the Bourgeois Democratic Concept 

    Ariel L. Feldstein

    Dit It Really Hang on One Vote? The Meeting of People's Admonistration on the Eve of the Establishment of the State of Israel 

    Yaacov Yadgar

    From Within and from Without: National Identity in Israel and its Reflection In the Changing Images of the National Other 

    Nissim Leon

    Religion, Class, and Political Action in Religious-Zionism in Israel 

    Benyamin Neuberger

    The Amish. The Rule of Law and Freedom of Religion - The Culture of Compromise in American Democracy 

    Michael Feige

    The Imagined Communities of Archaeology: On Nationalism, Otherness and Surfaces 

    Ariel Picard

    'According to the Law of Moses and Israel' - The Essence of Marriage Acoording to the Halakhic Decisors of the Twentieth Century: Civil Marriage as a Test Case 

  • Democratic Culture 11







    Table of Contents:

    Arye Edrei

    Holocaust Memorial: A Paradigm of Competing Memories in the Religious and Secular Societies in Israel 

    Dalia Gavriely-Nuri

    The Pretty War - Representations of War in the Israeli Culture 1967-1973 

    Udi Lebel

    'Will All Be Remembered? The Exclusion of Etzel and Lehi Fallen from the State Narrative: Bereavement, Memory and the Political Delegitimation Strategy against the Herut Party 

    Avidov Lipsker

    Barriers: Liminal Thresholds in A.B. Yehoshua's Ethnical Geography 

    Motti Inbari

    Post-Zionism within the Religious National Camp: Case of the Jewish Leadership Movement 

    Avi Picard

    Voting for Shas - The Rational Answer to Emotional Distress 

    Avi Sagi

    Conscientious Objection (and its Status) in the Jewish Tradition 

    Book Review: 

    Gidon Sapir

    Alexander Yakobson and Amnon Rubinstein, Israel and the Family of Nations: Jewish Nation-State and Human Rights 

  • The XI Democratic Culture in Israel and in the World- December 2007






    Table contents


    Arye Edrei

    Continuity or Rebirth: The Role of Memory in Post-Holocaust Religious Thought

    Dalia Gavriely-Nuri

    The Beautiful War - Representations of War in Israeli Culture, 1967-73

    Motti Inbari

    Post-Zionism in the Religious-Zionist Camp: The "Jewish Leadership" Movement

    Udi Lebel

    Shall We Remember Them All? The Exclusion of the Etzel (National Military Organization) and Lehi (Fighters for the Freedom of Israel) Fallen from the "Narrative" of Statehood: On Bereavement Memory and the Theory of De-legitimization against Herut

    Avidov Lipsker

    Barriers: Liminal Thresholds in A.B Yehoshua's Ethical Geography

    Avi Picard

    Voting for Shas - The Rational Answer to Emotional Distress

  • Democratic Culture 10: Gender and Society in Israel - In Memory of Prof. Dafna Izraeli

    Guest Editors: Tova Cohen, Ruth Halperin-Kaddari







    Table of Contents


    Adi Eyal
    The Economic and Feminist Approaches to Law: An Eternal Feud, or
    a Misunderstanding Among Friends?

    Orly Benjamin
    Going Downhill in the Labor Market: The Commodification of Feminine Work Force in Israel

    Zehavit Gross
    The Mute Feminist Psychological Template of Girl Graduates
    of Religious-Zionist High Schools in Israel

    Henriette Dahan-Kalev
    Mizrahi Feminism, Post Colonialism and Globalization

    Ruth Halperin-Kaddari
    "Complete Equality...Irrespective of...Sex...":Women, Law and Social Change in Israel

    Hanna Herzog
    Between the Lawn and the Gravel Path - Women, Politics, and Civil Society

    Dafna Izraeli
    Gender Politics in Israel: The Case of Affirmative Action in the Appointment of
    Women to Directorships

    Tova Cohen
    Jewish Women's Leadership: Israeli Modern Orthodoxy as a Test Case

    Aliza Lavie
    Men are the Discourse and Women Only Add Color

    Pnina Lahav
    Gender Politics and the Diaspora Museum

    Orly Lubin
    Between the Workers' Kitchen and the Hungarian Café An Autobiography of an Urban Woman

    Hannah Safran
    The Broken Dream, or The Legend of Equal Opportunity: Immigrant Women and the Myth of Equality in Israel

    Orit Kamir
    Typology and Analysis of Israeli Feminism


  • Democratic Culture 9







    Table of Contents

    David Ohana
    Fascism as a Political Community of Experience:
    Following Walter Benjamin's Political Phenomenology
    Zeev Drory & Udi Lebel
    Public Relations of Death: Conflicts of Memory in a National Memorial Site:
    Mount Eytan Museum
    Moshe Hellinger
    Jewish Democracy and Democratic Judaism in the Thought Of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook
    Menachem Lorberbaum
    Basic Paradigms of Medieval Jewish Political Thought
    Yitzhak (Yani) Nevo
    Two Models of Academic Freedom: The Case of Israeli Universities
    Orit Kamir
    At a Crossroads: Israel between Honor, Dignity, Glory and Respect


  • Democratic Culture 8







    Table of Contents

    Shlomo Avineri
    Jewish Identity Between Tradition and Self-Determination

    Shmuel Noah Eisenstadt
    The Jewish Historical Experience in the Framework of World History
    Ofer Mosseri & Arnon Gutfeld
    Church, State and National Identity in Great Britain:
    On the Distance Between Buckingham Palace, Ten Downing Street
    and Canterbury Cathedral
    Ami Pedahzur & Arie Perliger
    The Challenge of Extremist Parties to Democratic Regimes: The Israeli Example
    Ofer Kenig
    Israel's Arab Parties from a Comparative Perspective:
    The Challenge of Marginality and the Dilemma of Influence vs. Protest
    Avi Sgi
    Torah and Life: Halakhah in Eliezer Goldman's Thought