Bar-Ilan law Review


 "Bar-Ilan Law Review" is the central journal published by the Law Faculty of Bar-Ilan University and one of the leading legal journals in Israel. First published in 1980, "Bar-Ilan Law Review" has served ever since as a platform for leading scholars in all fields and disciplines of law.

Bar-Ilan Law Review covers a wide variety of topics from all branches of law as well as overlapping disciplines illuminating legal scholarship from a wider perspective.The journal publishes original and innovative articles, commentary on recent cases as well as book reviews. "Bar-Ilan Law Review" also serves as a unique platform for studies on Jewish Law.

The Editorial Board

Articles submitted to "Bar-Ilan Law Review" undergo professional peer review by two anonymous judges. Upon receiving the opinions of the reviewers, together with the opinion of the editors, the decision is made whether or not to accept the article. The recommendation of the anonymous readers is given the primary weight within the deliberation of the chief editor together with the student editors.

We guarantee to inform the writer of our decision within two months from the day the article was received.

The notice informing that the article has been accepted is accompanied by an editorial letter consisting ofa summary of the changes requested by the external reviewers as well as by the members of the editorial board. Once the writer has implemented the changes, the article is sent to be professionally edited. 

We guarantee that an article accepted by "Bar-Ilan Law Review" will be published in the volume printed approximately a year from the day the article was received.

Submitting Articles

Writers interested in submitting articles to "Bar-Ilan Law Review" should send their manuscripts to the following e-mail address:, according to the following guidelines:

  • Articles should be submitted in Word format.
  • Footnotes are to be edited according to the Israeli Uniform Citation Rules in Legal Writing (second edition, 2012). The rules are available at
  • Writers are to submit an abstract of the article, we well as their Curriculum Vitae.
  • In addition, writers may also submit a cover letter describing themselves as well as the legal significance of the article.


We emphasize that articles submitted to or published in other journals, in Hebrew or in other languages are not to be submitted.


Members of the Editorial Staff


Chief Editor: Prof. Gideon Sapir

Editor: Nerya Cohen

Assistant Editors: Mati Rosenbaum &Amichai Danino

Editorial board: Binyamin Arnowitz, Miri Bitton, Michal Blumenthal, Carmel Charka, Alon Dvir, Shahaf Galili, Avichai Kahana, LironKarass,Elad Morgenstern,Elik Moshkovitz, Udi Neuman, Dudi Rabinovitch,Avner Rosenthaler, Baruch Saute, Yoav Schondorf, Matan Shragai.

Recent Issue: Volume 28(1) (2012)

Amal Jabareen & Itzshak Cohen- Anonymity on the Internet: Institutional Perspective

ItayLipschitz& Rinat Kitai-Sangero- The Place of Repentance in Sentencing

Michael Karayanni- Rules of Procedure called to Order for the Second Time: The New Boundaries of the Option for Interlocutory Appeals in Civil Proceedings

Legislation- Orna Alyagon Darr- The Mentally-Ill and the Privilege against Self-Incrimination

Forthcoming Issue: Volume 28(2)(2012)

Gideon Sapir & Daniel Statman - Minority Religions in Israel

Yoav Mazeh - ‘Child Custody': A Substantive Term or a Hollow Title?

Omer Shapira - On the Meaning and Justification of Mediators' Ethical Duty of Impartiality

Shmuel Shimoni - Legal Recognition of Sex Change

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