The ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) is organizing an international Commercial Mediation Competition every year in Paris, France. This is the biggest educational event for mediation worldwide. During the Competition, student teams representing 48 universities from 39 countries compete to resolve international business disputes through mediation, guided by professional mediators under the ICC Mediation Rules. Their performance is evaluated by some of the world’s leading dispute resolution specialists who participate in the Competition as judges. This coming February, the competition will be held Online for the first time.

Bar Ilan University is proud to be chosen by ICC every year for over a decade to compete in this event.

Our contestants are being selected to represent the University due to their good skills and high ambition and based on a local competition of the Law faculty of Bar Ilan University after being trained in a unique course in “Mediation Advocacy Skills” by Adv. And Mediator Rona Ginat.

The contestants deal with different commercial mock cases, and their mutual goal of is to try and find a resolution for the dispute by the ICC Mediation rules, while promoting their interests through team work, listening, doing a good use of mediation skills and working Collaboratory with their Mediator.

Participating and preparing for the competition requires hours of intense training. Beginning with training on the principles of international law, mediation skills and roles and concluding with simulating many of the various complex international mediation issues that arise from the case.

The team is coached by Advocate and Mediator Rona Ginat, with the help of Sivan Cohen, graduate of the competition for year 2020 and L.L.M student in Bar Ilan University, and with the academic supervision by the senior Bar Ilan Law Faculty staff member, Prop. Michal Alberstein.

The Students that were chosen to represent the university this coming February (2021) are: Peleg Zaltman, Adi Aberbuch, Asher Stub and Shifra Katz.

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