The Journal of Law Religion and State

The Journal of Law Religion and State

This Publication was made possible through the generous support of Mr. Romie Tager, QC, and his wife Esther - London, England

The study of law and religion is a thriving area of research that is enjoying a recent surge of rich and fruitful scholarship. We notice a lack of venue among existing law journals for the publication and interaction of scholars on an international cross-cultural basis. Therefore, the Faculty of Law of Bar Ilan University has launched (in 2012) a peer-reviewed journal that aims to provide an international forum for the study of the interactions between religion, law and State.


The focus of the journal is on the following:

  • Legal and political aspects of various religious traditions;
  • Exploration of the interrelations between diverse religious, legal and political traditions;
  • Studies of the relations between religion, law and state.

The Journal publishes three issues a year and accepts submissions throughout the year.


Editorial Staff

Chief Editor: Prof. Gideon Sapir (BIU)

Deputy Editor: Amos Israel (person of contact:

Editors: Prof. Dr. Haim Shapira (BIU).

2022 student editorial staff: Ariel Naftaly (editorial staff manager); Netanel Aaron, Hillel Billauer, Chen Cohen, Yehonatan Dinur, Leah Israel, Yael Jakubowicz, Roni Yadaei.

2023 student editorial staff: Ariel Naftaly (editorial staff manager); Arye Balaban, Reut Cohen, Itay Flohr, Oriel Lavenda, Noam Malul, Ayala Sela, Noam Slama.


The Journal is published by Brill/Martinus Nijhoff Publishers and is supported by a generous gift of Romie and Esther Tager of London, UK.


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The journal's online edition at Brill, see here – Click here

Articles in full text from 2012-2018 (volumes 1-6) are also available at Hein on-line: Click Here


International Conferences of Journal of Law, Religion and State

  1. The Challenges of Law, Religion and State in Health Care and Mental Health, Online Conference, 29 September  2022 (fourthcoming).
  2. Religiously Motivated and Religion-Based Discrimination: Prohibition, Regulation and Exemption, Online Conference, January 2022.
  3. Religious sites, Bar-Ilan University, June 2019
  4. Religious extremism and violence, Bar-Ilan University, May 2018
  5. Rule of law – Religious Perspectives, Bar-Ilan University, November 2016
  6. Religion and Equality, Bar-Ilan University, June  2015
  7. Revelation and Interpretation: Legal Interpretation of Religious Texts, NYU, September  2012.
  8. Religious Law and State Affairs, Bar-Ilan University, May 2011
  9. Religious Education in a Democratic State, Bar-Ilan University, June 6 - 8, 2010