Law, State and Religion

Law, State and Religion

The study of law and religion is a thriving area of research that is enjoying a recent surge of rich and fruitful scholarship. We notice a lack of venue among existing law journals for the publication and interaction of scholars on an international cross-cultural basis. Therefore, the Faculty of Law of Bar Ilan University has launched (in 2012) a peer-reviewed journal that aims to provide an international forum for the study of the interactions between religion, law and State.


The focus of the journal is on the following:

  • Legal and political aspects of various religious traditions;
  • Exploration of the interrelations between diverse religious, legal and political traditions;
  • Studies of the relations between religion, law and state.

The Journal publishes three issues a year and accepts submissions throughout the year.


Editorial Staff

Chief Editor: Prof. Gideon Sapir (BIU)

Deputy Editor: Amos Israel (person of contact:

Editors: Prof. Zvi Zohar (BIU), Dr. Haim Shapira (BIU), Prof. Michael Helfand (Pepperdine University).

2022 student editorial staff: Ariel Naftaly (editorial staff manager); Netanel Aaron, Hillel Billauer, Chen Cohen, Yehonatan Dinur, Leah Israel, Yael Jakubowicz, Roni Yadaei.

The Journal is published by Brill/Martinus Nijhoff Publishers and is supported by a generous gift of Romie and Esther Tager of London, UK.


Instructions for authors, see here - Click here

The journal's online edition at Brill, see here – Click here

Articles in full text from 2012-2017 (volumes 1-5) are also available at Hein on-line: Click Here



International Conferences of Journal of Law, Religion and State

  1. Religious sites, Bar-Ilan University, June 2019
  2. Religious extremism and violence, Bar-Ilan University, May 2018
  3. Rule of law – Religious Perspectives, Bar-Ilan University, November 2016
  4. Religion and Equality, Bar-Ilan University, June  2015
  5. Revelation and Interpretation: Legal Interpretation of Religious Texts, NYU, September  2012.
  6. Religious Law and State Affairs, Bar-Ilan University, May 2011
  7. Religious Education in a Democratic State, Bar-Ilan University, June 6 - 8, 2010