About the Faculty

The Faculty of Law has chosen to define itself through excellence and innovation in research and teaching, alongside a deep commitment to Israeli law and society.

The school's faculty members are at the forefront of research in Israel and world-wide and are regularly invited to lecture and teach at some of the world's most prestigious universities. The law school and its members have extensive international links; it is the only one in Israel which is a member of the ATLAS project, dealing with international cooperation among doctoral research candidates with members drawn from nine leading international institutions. The Faculty of Law has exchange agreements with some of the leading schools in the United States, Europe, Canada and China and includes a forum for global law incorporating the school's activity in the field of international law and a forum for law, technology and big data. The Faculty is also a leader in the HRN-SSRN (Hebrew Research Network) initiative – within whose framework articles are published and disseminated prior to their official publication.

Our students and graduates integrate into the most senior positions in the private and public service markets. Only recently, graduates were appointed to senior positions in the public service; the Minister for Religious Affairs, The Director-General of Office of the President, Director-General of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Director-General of the Ministry of the Interior, Director-General of the Office of the Prime Minister, Director-General of the Office of the Alternate Prime Minister and more.

The Faculty offers unique study programs for both bachelor's and more advanced degrees, promoting a series of interdisciplinary programs which allow outstanding students to integrate legal studies with studies from other fields. One example is a unique interdisciplinary track (the only one in Israel and among the only ones in the world) for the M.A. in regulation and environmental policy, in cooperation with the Department of Geography and the Environment. Fascinating, broad-based alternative programs allow the students to study one semester in a variety of leading institutions overseas during their undergraduate degree. A unique program at the M.A. level offers specialization in fields and tracks focusing on a range of specific areas of law including commercial law, criminal law, negotiation and mediation. The M.A. program in legal studies is intended for non-lawyers who wish to add to their academic knowledge of the law. This year a new program opened for graduates of medical programs.

The exclusive doctoral program is open to outstanding students wishing to focus on research. Students undertaking doctoral studies in the Faculty have access to the ATLAS participant universities.

The Faculty offers two unique doctoral programs – one in regulation and public policy and one in Hebrew Law – both open to outstanding students who do not hold an undergraduate degree in law and who fulfil the entrance criteria for the program.

The Faculty publishes three journals which provide students with the opportunity to gain experience working on the staff of legal periodicals; the main journal, "Legal Research", "Democratic Culture", a periodical dealing with investigating democracy in Israel and an international journal "Law, Religion & State".

As a faculty which is deeply dedicated to Israeli society and law, we work to bridge the various sectors of Israeli society while working to create a pluralistic community which respects difference and encourages dialogue and cooperation among people from different parts of society. We established the program for the promotion and guidance of students from the Arab sector in order to assist them throughout their studies. The Faculty encourages in-depth debate on controversial subjects in Israeli society.

Within the framework of this commitment, a clinic was established in the Faculty which is unusual both for its scope and the field of work it handles. The clinic addresses both individual difficulties and core social issues from a range of fields.

Within the Faculty are a number of centers which focus on dilemmas inhabiting the intersection between law and society in Israel, including: the Rackman Center for the Advancement of Women's Status, the Menomadin Center for Jewish and Democratic Law and the Center for Communication and Law belonging jointly to the Faculty of Law and the School of Communications.