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Israel is facing a challenging time, and as a faculty member at Bar-Ilan University, I want to share that over 5,000 of our students are on reserve duty or evacuated from their homes.

We are very proud of our students who have halted their lives to go fight for the state of Israel. However, many have expressed concerns about continuing their studies amidst this upheaval.

To alleviate their worries and ensure their dreams of higher education aren't lost, we've established the Student Lifeline fund for tuition and dormitory expenses.

Your donation would mean a lot in ensuring their peace of mind now so they can focus on their mission and win the war!

With hope for quieter days


The Commercial Law Center, which operates within the Faculty of Law at Bar-Ilan University, is proud to present a rich program of continuing education courses for the 2022-2023 academic year.  The center aims to create a connection between academia and practice and to provide high-quality in-depth training for lawyers.  The program includes a variety of high-level training courses that include the best lecturers from academia and practice, including leading judges from the Supreme Court and other courts.

During the year there will be a variety of training courses starting from The Practice of Family and Inheritance Law, a course that takes a broad and comprehensive view of innovations in family and inheritance law, in areas such as wills, inheritance, estate management, contested wills, determining the scope of estates, rights, and obligations. Conflict Resolution: Theoretical and Practical Tools, focuses on various techniques for settling disputes over a large spectrum of conflicts in various areas, including unusual ones, and exposes participants to important tools and knowledge in the realm of conflicts and of the methods for their resolution.

The Board of Directors in the Modern Era - Directors training: the role of directors and officers in the company, has become a central issue in the business discourse in recent years.  The role of director has never been so challenging. The course goes into the depth of the roles, duties and status of the director in the modern era. The course will be taught by the best experts in the field from different angles and aspects, including studying and analyzing practical cases. Training of arbitrators: the course was built especially for the business sector in Israel, and is intended to provide, even to those who do not have legal training, the updated and accurate tools and knowledge to understand the world of arbitration, from the perception and understanding that arbitration in Israel, as well as in the world, is gaining momentum, as a worthy alternative to settling commercial disputes.  The course is designed to enrich the professional knowledge of the participants and provide them with practical tools for use and application in the arbitration procedures.

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In addition to these trainings, the center will hold closed trainings for specific audiences, seminar days, workshops and trainings.

Every year, further training courses are held in cooperation with the Bar Association and the Jerusalem District Council. For more details click here

The training courses will be published on the website of the Commercial Law Center and sent to the center's distribution list during the year.

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For your convenience, to register for the trainings:

Looking forward to seeing you at our courses and workshops.

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the dean of the faculty and his deputy, to the head of administration, the chairman of the center, Prof .Jacob Nussim, and the team of students working at the center.