Democratic Culture 8

תאריך פרסום






Table of Contents

Shlomo Avineri
Jewish Identity Between Tradition and Self-Determination

Shmuel Noah Eisenstadt
The Jewish Historical Experience in the Framework of World History
Ofer Mosseri & Arnon Gutfeld
Church, State and National Identity in Great Britain:
On the Distance Between Buckingham Palace, Ten Downing Street
and Canterbury Cathedral
Ami Pedahzur & Arie Perliger
The Challenge of Extremist Parties to Democratic Regimes: The Israeli Example
Ofer Kenig
Israel's Arab Parties from a Comparative Perspective:
The Challenge of Marginality and the Dilemma of Influence vs. Protest
Avi Sgi
Torah and Life: Halakhah in Eliezer Goldman's Thought


Last Updated Date : 03/05/2010