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    Professor Shachar Lifshitz earned an undergraduate degree in law and psychology with honors and a Ph.D. in law summa cum laude from Bar-Ilan University.  Since completing his doctoral degree, Prof. Lifshitz has served as the dean of the Faculty of Law at Bar-Ilan University, founded the Center for Jewish and Democratic Law (“CJDL”) as a branch of the faculty, and jointly established the Israeli Congress for Judaism and Democracy (“ICJD”) as a project within the CJDL for creating national consensuses.  His fields of research include Family Law, Contract Law, Jewish Inheritance Law, Multiculturalism, and Human Rights & Judaism. Prof. Lifshitz was a senior fellow at the Israel Democracy Institute (“IDI”), was a partner in the IDI’s project for a “Constitution of Consensus”, and was the author of the Knesset Bill: Couple’s Covenant. Additionally, he’s been a major partner in the IDI’s project for “Human Rights & Judaism”.  

    Prof. Lifshitz has been a visiting professor at various law faculties including at Columbia University, UPenn, University of Siena in Tuscany, YU, and Emory-Atlanta.  He has published three books, written numerous articles, and worked jointly on assorted books and journals within his fields of research (a full list is attached below).  Many of his ideas have even been adopted into legislation and caselaw. He has been a partner in assorted Knesset legislative committees in his areas of expertise, establishing jointly with retired Supreme Court justice, Dorit Beinish, a forum for cooperation between academia and the Israeli Supreme Court, and served as the president of the Israeli Society for Private Law.  

    Prof. Lifshitz is a sought-after lecturer in Israel and abroad and has been a participant in numerous academic conferences oriented towards judges, lawyers, and the general audience.  He has also been a member of the Court for Standardized Contracts. Over the course of his career, Prof. Lifshitz has received many awards including the Elon Scholarship, the Rothschild Prize, the Fulbright Scholarship, the Behat Prize for Best Book, and the Rector Prize for Exceptional Lecturer."

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    Theory of Contract Law ; Theory of Family Law; History of western Family Law



    1. SHAHAR LIFSHITZ, CIVIL REGULATION OF THE SPOUSAL RELATIONSHIP  [Forthcoming, Hebrew University Law Faculty Press)
    2. SHAHAR LIFSHITZ, MARITAL PROPERTY (Bar-Ilan University Press 2016)
    3. SHAHAR LIFSHITZ, The Spousal Registry (Israel Institute of Democracy, 2007)
    5. SHAHAR LIFSHITZ, CIVIL REGULATION OF THE SPOUSAL RELATIONSHIP )accepted for publication The Harry and Michael Sacher Institute Hebrew University Law Faculty press)

    BOOKS (editor)

    1. Associate Editor of Democratic Culture (2019).
    2. Associate Editor of Management Law Review (2004-2019).
    3. Chief Editor of "Law Studies" Journal (2003-2005).
    4. Associate Editor of "Law Studies" Journal 2014, a volume about torts law in honor of the Deputy Chief Justice, Justice Eliezer Rivlin. Writing of the opening article together with Prof. Ariel Porat and Dr. Benny Shmueli.
    5. Associate Editor of "Judaism Sovereignty and Human Rights " Journal (The Israel Democracy Institute Press).
    6. Associate Editor of "Beinisch Book In honor of former president of supreme court   (joint publication of Bar-Ilan University and Nevo, 2017).

    Articles in periodicals

    1. Shahar Lifshitz & Ori Aronson, "Jewish & Democratic", 19 Democratic Culture (forthcoming 2019)
    2. Moral judgment of sexual behavior in marriage, autonomy and " governance" Following HCJ 460213/, TEL-AVIV U. L. REV (forthcoming 2019).
    3. Shahar Lifshitz & Anat Lifshitz, Child support in Israel: Between religious and civil law, 32 (2) Bar Ilan law studies (2019).
    4. Shahar Lifshitz, Pre-marriage assets, inheritances and gifts as marital property - the case of Israel, Whealth Management Law Review (2015).
    5. Shahar Lifshitz, Contractual Regulation of the Spousal Financial Relationship for Death, 1 Whealth Management Law Review  33 (2014)
    6. Shahar Lifshitz & Elad Finkelstein, Hermeneutical Perspectives in the Interpretation of Contracts, 43 HEBREW U. L. REV. 55 (2013)
    7. Shahar Lifshitz, Liberal Political Multiculturalism as a Remedy for Religion and State Relations, 40 (3) HEBREW U. L. REV. 887 (2011)
    8. Shahar Lifshitz, Changes in the Family Regulation- An analytical and Prospective Look on the Effects of the Civil Revolution in Israeli Law, 10 L. & BUSINESS 447 (2010)
    9. Shahar Lifshitz, Family and Property Relations: Challenges and Tasks subsequent to the 4th Amendment of Property Relations Law, 1 LAWS 227 (2009)
    10. Shahar Lifshitz and Gideon Sapir, Who shall Decide who is a Jew? – On the Proper Role of the Judiciary in a Democratic State, 22 (2) BAR-ILAN L. STUD. 269 (2007)
    11. Shahar Lifshitz, I Want to Get a Divorce Now! On Civil Regulation of Divorce Law, 28 (3) TEL-AVIV U. L. REV. 671 (2005).
    12. Shahar Lifshitz, On Past Assets and Future Assets and the Philosophy of Marital Property Law, 34 (3) HEBREW U. L. REV. 627 (2004).
    13. Shahar Lifshitz, Regulation of the Spousal Contract in Israeli Law: a Preliminary Layout, 4 KIRYAT MISHPAT 271 (2004)
    14. Shahar Lifshitz, Equality in Marriage, the Right to Divorce and Autonomy of Communities, 27 TEL-AVIV U.L. REV. 139 (2003)
    15. Shahar Lifshitz, Married Against Their Will? A Liberal Analysis of the Legal Aspect of Cohabiton, 25 TEL-AVIV U.L. REV. 741 (2002) (Hebrew)
    16. Shahar Lifshitz, The Future of Secular Family Law in Israel: Classical Liberalism Versus Communitarian Liberalism, 17 BAR-ILAN L. STUD. 159  (2002).
    17. Shahar Lifshitz, Civil Turning Point in Israeli Family Law, 3 Tzivion 37 (2001).

    Articles and chapters in books

    1. SHAHAR LIFSHITZ, The last Mohican on humanism, global jewish responsibility, and civic unity in the views of justice rubinstein, in Elyakkim Rubinstein book (Barak, A &  Marcowitz-Bitton Miriam eds., Nevo) (Forthcoming 2019).
    2. SHAHAR LIFSHITZ & Elad Finkelstein, Modifying a contract by behavior (Barak, A. ed. Forthcoming 2019)
    3. SHAHAR LIFSHITZ, Civil Regulation of Spousal Relationships in Israel: Between Substitute andAlternativein DANIEL FRIEDMAN BOOK 549 (Nili Cohen & Offer Grosskopf eds., Tel-Aviv University Press, 2009)
    4. SHAHAR LIFSHITZ, Spousal Registryin MEMORY TO PROF. Menashe SHAVA BOOK 361 (Daniel Friedman & Aharon Barak eds., Ramot, Tel-Aviv University Press, 2006)
    5. SHAHAR LIFSHITZ , The Extortion Decree in the Contract Statute [Forthcoming] Tirkel book (: Barak, A. & Yefet K. eds. ,Nevo).
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    1. Economic Relationship Between spouses.

    2. The Regulation of Contractual Relations in Israel (with Elad Finkelshtein)




    1. Fault, Marriage and Contract Law

    2. The Pluralist Vision of Marriage

    3. The Rise and Fall of the Contractual Account of Marriage

    4. Freedom From Marriage

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