Prof. Lorberbaum Yair

Prof. Lorberbaum Yair
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Research interests: 

Jewish Law, Jewish Thought, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law.



1.The Jewish Political Tradition, Vol. 1: Authority, Yale University Press, New Haven & London 2000

2.Zelem Elohim – Halakhah ve-Aggadah, Schoken: Tel Aviv 2004 [Hebrew]

3.Melekh Evyon, ha-Melukhah ba-Sifrut ha-Yehudit ha-K'lasit, Bar Ilan University Press: Ramat Gan 2008 [Hebrew]

4.Disempowered King, Kingship in Classical Judaism, Continuum: London 2011

5.In God's Image – Myth, Theology and Law in Classical Judaism, Cambridge UP: Cambridge and New York 2015

6.Gezerat Ha-katuv (Decree of Scripture) – Rules and Reasons, Theology and Halakhah, (forthcoming 2016) [Hebrew]

7. Apples of Gold in Silver Settings – Maimonides on Parables, Philosophy and Law [Hebrew, submitted for publication]

Articles (Selection)

  1. "On Murder, capital Punishment and Humans created in the Image of God I Tannaitic Literature," Pelilim 7 (1999): 223-272 [Hebrew]

  2. 'Maimonides on Humans Created in God's Image: Law and Philosophy – Murder, Criminal Procedure, and Capital Punishment,' Tarbiz 68 (1999): 533-556 [Hebrew].

  3. 'Nahmaninides' Kabbalah on Man Created in God's Image', Kabbalah, 5 (2000): 287-326

  4. '"The Seventh Cause" – On Contradictions in The Guide of the Perplexed,' Tarbiz 69 (2000): 237-211 [Hebrew]

  5. 'Dam, Adam, Demut – On Decapitation in Talmudic Literature,' Mehkerey Mishpat 15 (2000): 429-456 [Hebrew]

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  35. "On the (Rawlsian) Distinction between the Just and the Good, and on the Difference Between the Court and the Legislator - Comments on Alon Harel's…," Iyunei Mishpat 37 (2015): 281-288

Lectures and Conferences (selection)               

1993-2016       At the Universities: Penn, Chicago, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, GTU-Berkeley, Harvard-NELC, Harvard Law School, Cardozo School of Law, Humboldt University (Berlin), University College (London), Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University, Ben Gurion University, Mcgill University Montreal, NYU Law School, UCLA Center for Jewish Studies, Yale Law School – Workshop in Legal Theory, Columbia University, Religion Department, Heidelberg University, Germany

Work in progress

Books in preparation

  1. Jealous and Containing God –  On Gods Personality in the Pentateuch
  2. Jewish Law and Legal Theory
  3. The Rise of Halakhic Religiosity of Mystery and Transcendence in the Jewish Tradition

Books Edited

  1. Nahmanides, A Collection of Essays (with M. Idel)
  2. Reshit, Vols. 1-2 (2008-2010)
  3. Nominalism and Realism in Halakhah Revisited: Studies in the Philosophy of Halakhah – Yohanan Silman Memorial Vol.  (with J. Rubenstein) (=Dinei Israel, Vol. 30 [2015])



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1976-1981       Yeshiva Hesder Program, Har-Ezion, Alon Shevut

1986                BA Department of Philosophy & Department of Jewish Thought, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

1987                B.L.L. Law, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

1991                MA cum laude, Department of Jewish Philosophy and Philosophy, Hebrew

                        University, Jerusalem

1997                Ph.D. summa cum laude, Hebrew University, Jerusalem



1996-present   Faculty of Law, Bar-Ilan University Israel

2015 (Spring)  Harry Starr Fellow, CJS - Harvard University

2014-2015 (Fall) Meyer Professor, Cardozo School of Law, YU

2013 (Fall)       Senior Fellow, Schell Center for International Human Rights, Yale Law School

2013 (Spring)  Meyer Professor, Cardozo School of Law, YU

2010-2011       Visiting Professor, NYU Law School

2010-2011       Tikvah Fellow, The Tikvah Center for Law & Jewish Civilization,
New York University School of Law

1993-2013       Senior Fellow, Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem

2007-2011       Scholar in residence, Cardozo School of law YU, New York

2008                Chair for Jewish Law – Law Faculty, Humboldt University, Berlin

2005-2006       Gruss Professor for Talmudic Law, University of Pennsylvania Law School

2001                Visiting Professor, Cardozo Law School, New York

1999-2006       Lecturer (political theory and Jewish thought), Mandel School, Jerusalem

1999                Visiting Professor, Religion Department, Yale University

1993-1996       School of Social Science, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ, USA.

1994-1995       Visiting Professor, Religion Department, Princeton University.

1990-1993       Teaching Assistant, Department of Jewish Philosophy, Hebrew University

1992-1993       Teaching Assistant, Subjects: Jurisprudence, Philosophy of Law

1982-1989       Teacher, ‘Pelech’, High School, Jerusalem. Subjects: Talmud, Philosophy.


2013    The Tiger prize for the best article in Jewish Law

2007    The Goldstein-Goren Prize for the best book in Jewish Thought for the years 2004-2007

2001    Florence Unger and Samuel Goldstein M.D. Prize for Extraordinary Publication in Philosophy

1998    E. E. Urbach Prize for the best Dissertation in Judaic Studies (igud 'olami le-madaei ha-yahadut and The Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture)

1998    Alon Fellow (1998-2001)

1996    Riklis Prize, Faculty of Law, Bar Ilan University

   1995 Abraham Katz Prize for Hebrew Literature, Hebrew University


תורת המשפט והפילוסופיה של המשפט, תיאוריה פוליטית, תולדות ההלכה והתיאוריה של ההלכה, הרמב"ם: פילוסופיה והולכה.