ERC Research Project on Judicial Conflict Resolution (JCR)

In January 2016, Prof. Michal Alberstein embarked on a five- year research project sponsored by the European Research Council. 

The research

Empirically, JCR will study judicial activity in promoting settlements comparatively (in Israel, Italy and the UK), from a quantitative and qualitative perspective, by using statistical analysis, in-depth interviews, mapping and framing legal resources, court observations and narrative analysis.

Theoretically, JCR will develop a conflict resolution jurisprudence, which prioritizes consent over coercion as a leading value for the administration of justice.

Prescriptively, we will inspire to improve judicial work of settlement and to collaboratively develop training workshop and responsive regulation on this matter.

Primary Investigator: Prof. Michal Alberstein

Project Director: Dr. Nourit Zimerman


Tel:  03-7384262


Since the induction of the project, judges, students, colleagues and friends have been invited to engage in our circles of dialogue on research themes and goals. Below is the list of  ERC-JCR circles of dialogue this semester: 

  • The Vanishing Trial: An Examination of Trials and Related Matters in Federal and State Courts  16.11.15

Presenter: ERC research coordinator Dr. Nourit Zimerman

Respondent: Prof. Nadav Davidovitch, on combining qualitative and quantitative methodologies, known as mixed methods.

  • Observations in Courtrooms: Empirical Challenges 30.11.15

Dr. Michal Rom: Theory and practice of qualitative observations

Professor Michal Alberstein: Reflections on current project and lessons from previous observations by the mediation clinic

Dr. Hadar Dancig-Rosenberg: Experimental observations in criminal justice in courtrooms

  • The challenge of Regulation in Reference to Judges’ Activities 21.12.15

Professor Oren Perez, Faculty of Law, Bar-Ilan University

Respondent: Mr. Tamir Gaziel and Dr. Nourit Zimerman, ERC.JCR Research Coordinator .

  • Narratives of Adjudication and Settlement  04.01.16

Professor Shulamit Almog , Faculty of Law, Haifa University, “Generative Judicial Narratives in the Odyssey and the Oresteia”

Judge Dori Spivak ,  Tel Aviv Labor Court ,The Art of Settlement and Law from the Judge’s Perspective

Professor Michal Alberstein, "Judicial Discretion Between Conflict and Legal Considerations, and the Art of Reconstructions”

  • Autonomy, right enforcement and settlement: reflections from England and Wales   21.03.16

Presenter: Dr. Rabeea Assy, Haifa University

Respondent: Dr. Hanan Mandel, Ono Academic College  

  • Compromise in Jewish Law and the Role of the Dayan 11.04.16  

Presenter: Professor Suzanne Stone, Cardozo Law School 

Respondent: Dayan Daniel Mann, Beit Din Eretz Hemda - Gazit

  • The Possibility of Evidence Based Criminal Justice 9.5.16

Presenter: Prof. David Weisburd, Hebrew University 

Respondent: Dr. Daniella Beinisch, founder of Community Courts in Israel, JDC Ashalim Israel 

  • Settlement Culture In The Courtroom - New Projects And Ethical Aspects 30.5.16

Presenter:  Hon. Judge Noa Grossman, Tel Aviv Shalom Court 

Respondent: Dr. Omer Shapira, Ono Academic College  



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Judicial Conflict Resolution (JCR) Research Team