Prof. Ayal Adi

Prof. Ayal Adi
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Research interests: 

Antitrust Law, Corporations, Economic Analysis of Law, Industrial Organization (economics).




Fairness in Antitrust: Protecting the Strong from the Weak (2014, Hart Publishing, Oxford)


"Antitrust Abuse: Which Power is Curtailed?", in Abuse of Power in Competition Law (Nihoul and Takahashi, eds., forthcoming, 2016)

“Good Cause Statues Revisited: An Empirical Assessment” (with Uri BenUliel), 90 Indiana Law Journal 1177 (2015)

“Anticompetitive Patents: an Incorporation Solution” (with Ya’ad Rotem), 3 Journal of Antitrust Enforcement 1 (2015)

“Revitalizing the Case for Good Cause Statutes” (with Uri BenUliel), 19 Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance 331 (2014)

“Is Monopoly Really Unfair?”,  5 Journal of European Competition Law and Practice 386 (2014)

“Incorporation Rules” (with Ya’ad Rotem),  10 Review of Law and Economics 1 (2014)

“Anti-Anti Regulation: The Supplanting of Industry Regulators with Competition Agencies”, forthcoming in Competition Law as Regulation? (Di Porto & Drexl eds., Edward Elgar)

“FairEconomy: Crises, Culture, Competition and the Role of Law”, 45 International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law 73 (2014)

“The Market for Bigness: Economic Power and Antitrust Agencies' Duty to Curtail It”, 2 Journal of Antitrust Enforcement 1 (Oxford University Press, 2013)

"Decentralized Regulation", forthcoming, in Regulations (Blanc et al., ed., Tel Aviv University Press). (with Oren Perez and Tzipi Isser-Itzik)

"Antitrust Risk in Franchise Agreements: Exemption Notwithstanding", 52 Hapraklit Law Review 519 (2013)

"Science, Politics and Transnational Regulation: Regulatory Scientific Institutions and the Dilemmas of Hybrid Authority" 2 Transnational Environmental Law 45 (2013)  (with Ronen Hareuveny and Oren Perez)

"Fairness in Antitrust: Protecting the Monopolist and Balancing Among Competing Claims", 8 Journal of Competition Law and Economics 287 (Oxford University Press, 2012)

"Public Aspects of Corporate Law: Executive Compensation and Economic Concentration as Facillitators of Change", 7 Haifa Law Review 31 (2012)

“Protecting the Strong from the Weak: The Rights of Monopolists”, 16 Hokkaido Journal of New Global Law and Policy 285 (2012)

"Economic Concentration and the Legal Mechanisms Supporting It", 170 Banking Quarterly 20 (2011)

"Buy-Me-Buy-You: Biases in the Buy-Sell Agreement", 8 Corporations 1 (2011)

"Harmful Freedom of Choice: Lessons from the Cellular Market", 74 Law and Contemporary Problems 91 (Duke University Press, 2011)

"Musings on the Importance of Economic and Legal Analysis", in Law, Society, and Culture: Does Law Matter? (Hakker and Ziv eds., 2010, Tel Aviv University Press)

"Monopolization via Voluntary Network Effects", 76 Antitrust Law Journal 799 (2010)

"The Regulation of Executive Compensation: Populist Sentiments Hiding Social Values", 7(3) Corporations 15 (2010)

“The Economic Basis of Antitrust Law”, in Legal and Economic Analysis of Israeli Antitrust Law (Gal and Pelman eds.,2008)

“Coming Full Circle: Will ‘New Economics’ Require Old Solutions in the Israeli Cellular Industry?”, 23 Bar Ilan Studies in Law 629 (2007)

“The Economic and Feminist Approaches to Law: an Eternal Feud or a Misunderstanding Among Friends?”, 10 Democratic Culture 11 (2006)

“The Monopolist as Victim: on Constitutional Rights in Antitrust”, 47 Israeli Democracy Institute Position Papers (2004)

“Can We Compensate for Incompensable Harms?”, 40 San Diego Law Review 1123 (2003)

“Economic Rhetoric: Economics and Literature in Legal Analysis”, 18 Bar Ilan Studies in Law  263 (2002)


Work in progress

Protecting the Strong from the Weak: the Surprising Implications of Fairness in Antitrust

"Voluntary Network Effects" (in progress)
"Strategic Network Foreclosure in the New Zealand Cellular Market" (in progress)


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Ph.D. (Economics, 2007), UC Berkeley

Dissertation title: “Voluntary Network Markets: Strategic Competiton in Network Effects”

Committee: Dan Rubinfeld, Joe Farrell, Aaron Edlin, Howard Shelanski (all-UC Berkeley)

Ph.D. (Law, 2002) with Highest Distinction, Faculty of Law, Bar Ilan University.

Dissertation title: “Monopoly as a Democracy Issue: A Proposed Model for the Justification of Antitrust Law”

Committee: Yedidia Stern (Bar Ilan University), Avi Weiss (Bar Ilan University and Chief Economist, Israel Antitrust Authority), Zipora Cohen (Bar Ilan University), Dennis Carlton (University of Chicago, GSB)

LL.M. (2001) Summa Cum Laude, Faculty of Law, Bar Ilan University.

Dissertation title: “Economic and Legal Analysis of Antitrust Law”.

LL.B. (1997) Interdisciplinary Program for Fostering Excellence, Tel Aviv University.

     Teaching and Academic Appointments

Current Position - Faculty of Law, Bar Ilan University:  Courses taught include: Antitrust Law, Corporations, Economic Analysis of Law, Communication and Psychology in the Courtroom, Legal Foundations, Game Theory and the Law.

Boalt Hall Law School, UC Berkeley:  Adjunct Professor, Corporations

University of Colorado at Boulder:  Visiting Professor, Game Theory and the Law

Monash University at Prato: Visiting Professor, Game Theory and the Law

Adjunct Professor of Law: University of Haifa, Netanya Academic College, College of Management, Sha’arei Mishpat College of Law

University of Chicago Law School: Visiting Research Scholar

London School of Economics and Political Science: Visiting Research Scholar

Erasmus Program in Law and Economics, LL.M. thesis guide and external examiner

Israel Democracy Institute: Research Fellow

Israel Bar Association: academic coordinator of corporate law specialization programs

‘Machshavot’: preparatory courses for the Bar Exam, Lecturer in Corporate Law.

Neve-Zedek Mediation Center: Lecturer, Communication Techniques in Mediation and Negotiation

Bar-Ilan Brookdale Program and Israeli Volunteer Association: academic coordinator and lecturer for ‘Legal Advisors’ Program.

Non-Academic Appointments

Chariman of the Public Commission on Local Programming in Television: by personal appointment of the Minister of Communications

Court-Appointed Expert:  Class Action suit regarding major communications company

Judges' Professional Training: Instructor on corporations, antitrust, and game-theoretical applications

Lawyers' Profession Training: Instructor and course leader, corporations, antitrust, and mediation techniques

'Machshavot' Bar Exam Preperations: Instructor, corporations.

Erasmus Program in Law and Economics: Thesis guide and external examiner

Brookdale Volunteers Program: Instructor and course leader, legal assistance

Center for Commercial Law, Bar Ilan University: Assistant Director

Avenant AsbestSaneering B.V.: Operational Manager

Communication in Action: Seminars in personal development and communication techniques: 'Efrat Technologies', P.U.M - IDF Senior Officers Course, 'Keren Karev' Department of Education Program, Municipal Authorities Center, and more.

Member, Finance Committee, Misgav Regional Authority

Law clerk, Justice Bracha Tom-Ofir.  Specialization: Securities Law, Insider Trading.

Awards and Distinctions

Stanford International Junior Faculty Forum  (2014)

Best Academic Paper – International Society of Franchising (2013)

Next Generation of Antitrust Scholars – NYU Law School (2013)

University-Wide Award  for Excellence in Teaching, Bar Ilan University (2010)

UC Regents Intern Fellowship (2003-2007) – 5 year award for outstanding Ph.D. candidate, university-wide, UC Berkeley.

John M. Olin Foundation Fellowship in Law and Economics, UC Berkeley – awarded twice (2004, 2005)

Dean’s Normative Time Fellowship – UC Berkeley

Wolf  Foundation Award for excellence in research (2001)

Rector’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, Bar Ilan University (2001)

President’s Scholarship (1999-2002) – 4 year award for top Ph.D. Candidate, university-wide, Bar-Ilan University.

Adoption Scholarship (1998)  – award for exceptional research student, Bar-Ilan University.


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