Dr. Maytal Gilboa

Building 305, Room 131
    Short Biography

    Maytal Gilboa is an Associate Professor at Bar Ilan Faculty of Law. She teaches and researches in tort law, tort theories, unjust enrichment and remedies. Her work has appeared in journals including Legal Theory and UC Irvine Law Review.

    Dr. Gilboa received her PhD from Tel Aviv University. Prior to joining Bar Ilan University, she was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law.

    Dr. Gilboa holds a BA in Management, LL.B (magna cum laude) and LL.M (as part of the direct PhD program) all from Tel Aviv University. She received various awards for academic achievements, such as the Tel Aviv University President’s scholarship, an Israeli Center of Research Excellence (I-CORE) scholarship, a Zvi Meitar Fellowship for Excellent Achievements, and the Switzerland-Israel Foundation for Advancing Philosophical Research in Israel Scholarship.

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    תחומי מחקר והוראה:

    דיני נזיקין, תרופות במשפט הפרטי, תאוריות של משפט פרטי, סיבתיות במשפט

    • Biased but Reasonable: Bias Under the Cover of Standard of Care, 57 GEORGIA LAW REVIEW 489 (2023)


      • Covered in Race, Racism and the Law (March. 26, 2023)


    • The Future of Property, 44 CORDOZO LAW REVIEW 1443 (2023) (with Yael Lifshitz & Yotam Kaplan)
    • Duty of Noninjury, Duty of Care, and Guidance Rules: A Comment on Recognizing Wrongs 27 JERUSALEM REVIEW OF LEGAL STUDIES 51 (2023)
    • Linking Gains to Wrongs, 35 CANADIAN LAW AND JURISPRUDENCE 365 (2022)
    • The Other Hand Formula, 26 LEWIS & CLARK LAW REVIEW 883 (2022) (with Yotam Kaplan)
    • Loser Takes All: Multiple Claimants & Probabilistic Restitution, 10 UC IRVINE LAW REVIEW 907 (2020) (with Yotam Kaplan)
    • Multiple Reasonable Behavior Cases: The Problem of Causal Underdetermination in Tort Law, 25 LEGAL THEORY 77 (2019)
    • The Costs of Having (too) Many Choices: Reshaping the Doctrine of Informed Consent, 84 BROOKLYN LAW REVIEW 367 (2019) (with Omer Pelled)

    Grants, Awards & Scholarships


    The Israel Science Foundation Grant (ISF) (with Yotam Kaplan)


    The Germen Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development Grant (GIF) (with Yotam Kaplan)


    Tel Aviv University President’s Postdoctoral Grant


    Israeli Center of Research Excellence Scholarship (I-CORE)


    Zvi Meitar Center for Advanced Legal Studies Fellowship, Tel Aviv University Buchmann Faculty of Law


    The Switzerland-Israel Foundation for Advancing Philosophical Research in Israel


    2011, 2012

    Zvi Meitar Fellow for Excellent Achievements


    Dean's list, Tel Aviv University Buchmann Faculty of Law


    Israel Presidential Prize for Volunteerism




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