Dr. Vita Turska

תחומי עניין

Research interests:  

Animal law, animal rights, animal personhood, ethology.

Post-Doc Supervisor: Prof. Oren Perez

    ביוגרפיה קצרה

    Vita Turska is a post-doctoral fellow at the Faculty of Law, Bar Ilan University. Before post-doctoral fellowship at Bar Ilan University, she received a research grant in the field of animal law from the Koller-Manmon Animal Rights and Welfare Program from Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University (2020). Dr Turska holds PhD in Law (2016) from National University “Odessa Law Academy”, LL.B (2012) and LL.M (2013) from Institute of Prosecution and Investigation of National University “Odessa Law Academy”. From 2013 till 2016 she was an assistant of Administrative and Financial Law Department of National University “Odessa Law Academy”. From 2014 till 2016 she was a teaching fellow and taught the course in administrative law at National University “Odessa Law Academy” and Law College of the National University “Odessa Law Academy”.


    PhD Thesis: Administrative and legal regulation of protection of animals from cruel treatment.

    Last Updated Date : 17/05/2022