Dr. Hadas Tagari

תחומי עניין

PhD. Thesis: Between Culture and Politics - A Comparative Research of the Shaping of Family Law Regimes in Israel, Lebanon, Morocco, and Tunisia (Supervised by Prof. Ruth Halperin – Kaddari, Bar Ilan Univ. Faculty of Law, 2019)

    ביוגרפיה קצרה

    PhD, Bar Ilan Univ. Faculty of Law (2019); L.L.M (1994) in International Human Rights Law from American University - Washington College of Law (Washington DC); Recipient of the New Israel Fund Civil Liberties Law Scholarship, L.L.B. (1991) Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

    Worked as attorney at the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, advancing human rights – particularly right to equality, rights within the family and right to health – through litigation of precedent-setting human rights cases before the Israeli Supreme Court and other legal tribunals, lobby  for legislation in the Israeli Knesset and advocacy vis-à-vis governmental bodies, in public media and international bodies.

    Academic Lecturer on human rights and social change, right to equality and bioethics and law in several faculties of law and colleges (2006-2016)

    Founder and executive director of 'SafeWork Israel' – an advocacy NGO that promotes workers' safety in the workplace through promotion of legislation, regulation and enforcement  vis-a-vie the Knesset and the relevant governmental offices, documentation and data analysis,  and promotion of media coverage. For this activity has been awarded several prestigious awards including the Knesset Chairman's Award for Quality of Life (2018).


    The post PhD Research studies the regulation of occupational safety and safety in construction, maps and analyses the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of the regulatory norms and institutions which regulate these issues and the degree of their success in providing an appropriate and satisfactory regime of occupational safety, prevention of workplace and construction accidents. This, in consideration of implication of this regulation on the distinct social groups social regulated by it and affected by its failures.

    Post Doctorate supervisor: Prof. Oren Perez

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