Adv. Joe Bergel

מקום עבודה
Israel Bar Association
Director General of the Southern District
תחומי לימוד
LL.B in Law, M.B.A in Business Administration for managers in the Public Sector

Adv. Joe Bergel, Director General of the Israel Bar Association’s Southern District, who holds an LL.B. in law and an Executive MBA for managers in the public sector from Bar-Ilan University.

The southern district, is geographically the largest of the Israel Bar Association’s six districts, encompassing some 5,000 lawyers from Ashdod in the north to Eilat in the south. The district provides services mainly in the fields of legal technology, academia, consumerism and culture, and promotes efficient work interfaces with the court system in the south, government ministries, the Israel Police and other government bodies. In addition, the ethics committees and disciplinary courts operate in the southern district.

Joe explains that as Director General, he is grateful for the privilege of leading a holistic perceptual change in the level and quality of service and professionalism in the Israel Bar Association. "At the managerial level, I insist on providing uncompromising professional and courteous service, and personal attention for any and all lawyers approaching the district."

About his studies:

"The optimal conditions at Bar-Ilan University, along with my fellow students who constitute an extraordinary human mosaic, help me daily in making managerial decisions, frequently using the skillset I acquired during my studies."


Last Updated Date : 30/05/2022