Baruch Kara

מקום עבודה
Channel 13 News
Journalist and legal commentator
תחומי לימוד
M.A. in Law (LL.M.)


Baruch Kara is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and a leading Israeli journalist who serves as a reporter and commentator for Channel 13 news on legal matters. He previously worked as a legal reporter for "Ha'Aretz" newspaper.

Baruch did his first degree in history, but later decided to study law at Bar Ilan University, in order to deepen his knowledge of the field and to enrich his professional abilities: "When I began to cover legal matters, I immediately realized that I needed a legal education. I believe this is crucial for journalists in this field, as it provides a broader, more extensive ability to report on the subject as well as a deeper understanding of the legal terms and professional language of the sources with whom we speak".

About his studies:

"I enjoyed both the material and the lecturers very much. I really fell in love with the field. My studies led me to appreciate the law, to the point that I was actually sorry that it hadn't been the first subject I had studied, though I loved studying history as well. The program helped 'lock me into' law as something I knew I would be dealing with long-term".

Last Updated Date : 30/05/2022