Hanan Friedman

מקום עבודה
Bank Leumi
תחומי לימוד
LL.B. in law


Hanan Friedman is a graduate of the Faculty of Law, serving currently as the CEO of Bank Leumi, following a series of senior roles in Leumi, including Director of the Strategy, Innovation and Transformation Division, Director of the Strategy and Regulation Division and Director of the Legal Advisory Division.

:About his studie

"A legal education provides skills for the business world, the ability to carry out in-depth analysis, to provide a comprehensive view, to address the details and understand regulation. It allows us to comprehend the broad range of what is involved in the business world. A legal education provides the tools for leadership and training for an extensive variety of fields, and the flexibility to make changes throughout one's career."




Last Updated Date : 30/05/2022