Dr. Ori katz

Building 305, Room 131
    ביוגרפיה קצרה

    Ori Katz is a lecturer at the faculty since 2023. He earned his LL.B. in Law and Psychology (2014, summa cum laude) from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Subsequently, he clerked for Justice Hanan Melcer in the Supreme Court. In 2020, Ori completed his Ph.D. studies (direct track) at the Hebrew University. Additionally, he holds a rabbinical ordination from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. Ori served as a visiting researcher at Harvard Law School and was awarded scholarships from both the Fulbright and Rothschild foundations in connection with this position.

    Ori's research interests include contract law, empirical legal studies, behavioral law and economics, judicial discretion, and decision making. He employs a range of methodologies, including theoretical, observational, and experimental approaches. His work has been published in prestigious journals such as the Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, The University of Toronto Law Journal, Law & Social Inquiry, and the American Journal of Comparative Law.

    Ori teaches Contract Law, and Legal Research Methods at the faculty.


    Research interests and Teaching

    contract law, empirical legal studies, behavioral law and economics, judicial discretion decision making; and Legal Research Methods.


    Ori Katz & Eyal Zamir, Substituting Invalid Contract Terms: Theory and Preliminary Empirical Findings, Law & Social Inquiry (2022).

    Daphna Lewinsohn-Zamir, Eyal Zamir & Ori Katz, Giving Reasons as a Means to Enhance Compliance with Legal Norms, 72 The University of Toronto Law Journal 316 (2022).

    Ori Katz, Mapping the Diversity of Thought – An Attitude Theory of Contract Law, 31 Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal 49 (2021).

    Ori Katz & Eyal Zamir, Do People Like Mandatory Rules? The Choice between Disclosures, Defaults, and Mandatory Rules in Supplier-Customer Relationships, 18 Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 421 (2021).

    Leon Yehuda Anidjar, Ori Katz & Eyal Zamir, Enforced Performance in Common-Law Versus Civil Law Systems: An Empirical Study of a Legal Transformation, 68 American Journal of Comparative Law 1 (2021).

    Eyal Zamir & Ori Katz, Do People Like Mandatory Rules? The Impact of Framing and Phrasing, 45 Law & Social Inquiry 1052 (2020).

    Leon Yehuda Anidjar, Eyal Zamir & Ori Katz, The Revolution in the Status of Enforced Performance: Law, Theory, and Empirical Findings 49(1) MISHPATIM 5 (2019). [in Hebrew]

    Eyal Zamir, Chaggai Yakobi & Ori Katz, Mandatory Rules in Contract Law: Theory, the Law and Empirical Findings, in ELIEZER RIVLIN BOOK (forthcoming). [In Hebrew]


    Last Updated Date : 26/10/2023