About the Faculty

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The Faculty of Law at Bar-Ilan University established in 1969, by talented legal scholars who immigrated from the US and sought to establish a faculty that lived up to the standards of the institutions where they had studied, such as Harvard, Chicago, and Cornell, the Faculty of Law at Bar-Ilan University has been striving to achieve excellence in both research and teaching.

Members of the faculty’s academic staff are among the senior legal scholars in Israel. Many of them have earned international reputations in their fields. Relationships with leading institutions in the US and Europe have been perpetuated by the new generation of scholars, most of whom are Israeli born but who obtained a significant component of their education abroad, and are often invited to teach and present the results of their research overseas. Graduates of the Bar-Ilan Faculty of Law are leaders in many facets of Israeli life, including the economy, the foremost legal offices, the courts (including the Supreme Court), and the government.

The Faculty of Law welcomes the students, scholars, and visitors into the Bar-Ilan family.