Dr. Manal Totry - Jubran

Building 306, Room 106
Short Biography

Manal is senior lecturer (Associate Professor) at the Law faculty - Bar Ilan University. She was a Post Doctorial Fellow at the Faculty of Law, the Hebrew University. She received her Ph.d. from the Faculty of Law, University of Tel- Aviv. Her dissertation under the supervision of Prof. Yishai Blank, is titled “In the Name of the Diversity Discourse: The Role of the Law in Designing Urban Spatial Segregation on the Basis of Nationally”. She received her LL.M. (Magna cum Laude) from the Faculty of Law, University of Tel- Aviv. Title of Master’s thesis: “Public Participation in the Israeli Planning Law: Wadi Nisnas as a Test Case”. In 2018 she was selected by “Calcalist” newspaper and “Bank Hapoalim” as one of ten Young Promising Arab leaders in the Arab Society. In 2019 she was awarded the “Gorni Prize”, by the Israeli Association of Public Law young researchers for Excellent young researcher in public Law. In 2015 she was awarded the Ma’of scholarship for outstanding Arab students, The Council for Higher Education. In 2019, she received a three years research grant (27,000$) on “Conceptualizing Environmental Justice in the Israeli Legal and Regulative System: Empirical and Theoretical Perspectives”, funded by the Israel Science Foundation (ISF). In 2017, she received a research grant (35,000$) on Social Rights in Israel: Distributing Burdens between the state and the Local Government in Supplying Welfare Services and its Effect on the Creation of Social and Economic Gaps between Local Authorities funded by the National Insurance Institute of Israel; a research grant (35,000$) on “Examining Legal and Spatial Aspects Rothschild Foundation Mode of Work” funded by Rothschild Foundation; a research grant (1000$) on “Minority Judge, Judge of Minorities: Salim Joubran” funded by the Center for Jewish and Democratic Law. In 2016 she received a research grant on “The Legal Regulation of Acquisition Groups in Israel”, funded by the Gazit- Globe Real Estate Institution. She attended several local and international conferences and academic workshops.  

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Law and Society, Legal Geography, Planning Law, Local Government, Multiculturalism and Minority Rights

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