Prof. Yuval Feldman

Building 305, Room 122
Short Biography

Yuval Feldman is The Mori Lazarof professor of legal research at Bar-Ilan University Faculty of Law and Associate Dean for Research. He obtained his Ph.D. ( Jurisprudence and Social Policy) from the UC Berkeley in 2004 after receiving his L.L.B. and B.A (Psychology) from Bar-Ilan University (1998) and clerking for the Israeli supreme court Justice Tova Stresberg-Cohen

His areas of research include Behavioral Analysis of Law, Experimental Law and Economics, Ethical Decision-Making, Regulatory Impact and Social Norms, Compliance, Formal and Non-Formal Enforcement Strategies. From 2011 to 2013, he was a fellow in the Edmond J. Safra Institutional Corruption Lab at Harvard Law School and the Implicit Social Cognition Lab in Harvard Psychology. Since 2014 He is a Senior Fellow at the Israel Democracy Institute. He has been advising various governmental bodies on behavioral and experimental informed policies in areas related to corruption, regulatory design, public cooperation and enforcement.

Between 2016-20 he served as a member of Israel’s Young Academy.

Feldman has received various national fellowships including Rothschild, Fulbright, Alon, and awards such as Zeltner ( 2008 Young)  Chesin ( 2019 Senior researcher) Bruno award (2020) and Fatal Award (2021)  as well as more than 25 competitive research grants from foundations such as Olin, GIF, Marie Currie, ISF, IIAS.

In 2022 He Won a 2.5 Milion Euro ERC Advanced grant on  Generating Voluntary Compliance Across Doctrines and Nations: Integrating Behavioural & Regulatory Aspects of Governments’ Ability to Trust the Public’s Cooperation, Ethicality  & Compliance

He has co-authored more than 65 papers in some of the leading journals in law, management and psychology . He is on the editorial board of Regulation and Governance, Law & Policy and European Journal of Law & Economics and among the founders of ComplianceNet an interdisciplinary and global network of compliance researchers.  His first book: The Law of Good People,  was published in Cambridge University Press in June 2018. His second book “Can the Public be trusted” is expected in 2023 in CUP

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Behavioral Analysis of Law, Experimental Law and Economics, Ethical Decision-Making, Regulatory Impact and Social Norms, Compliance, Formal and Non-Formal Enforcement Strategies.



The Law of Good People: Challenging States’ Ability to Regulate Human Behavior (Cambridge University Press 2018)


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Hebrew Publications

  1. Behavioral Ethics and the meaning of Oaths in the Babylonian Talmud (in Hebrew with Guy Friver and Liav Feldman)  Forthcoming Sefer Menhem) 2020
  2. The Regulation of Recycling in Israel: An Empirical Study of the Demographic and Behavioral Aspects of Recycling Policy, 29(2) Mechkari Mishpat (2014) (with Keren Shmueli & Oren Perez) (in Hebrew).
  3. Equality in Triangular Relationship in Israel, Empirical and Doctrinal Perspectives, Law, Labor and Society 153 (Guy Mondlak Ed. TAU Press, 2010) (with Ronit Nadiv) (In Hebrew).
  4. The Psychology of Conflict of Interests in the Public Sector, in Conflict of Interests in the Public Sector in Israel (Daphna Barak-Erez, Doron Navot and Mordechay Kreminzer, Eds, 2009) (in Hebrew).
  5. A Psychological Approach to Trade Secrets: Legality, Efficiency and Morality, 3 Law and Business 189 (2005) (in Hebrew).

Working Papers Under Revisions /Review

  • Best to be Last (with Ori Plonski Daniel Chen ( R&R J. of Applied Psych)
  • Effect of Nation Law on Tolerance in Israel (with Neta Barak-Coren and Noam Gidron) [J. of Legal Studies]
  • On the concept of healthy compliance to Covid regulations ( with Mario Mikolinser Yosi Harel Fisher Sari Goldshtein, Rotem Manor, Aaron Weller)
  • Why did Israeli Comply with Covid Regulations (with Van Rooij Lab and Adam Fine) [J. of Law & Policy ]
  • Are all legal discriminations created equal (with Tami Kricheli Katz and Haggay Porat) J. of Inequality
  • Behavioral approach to repeated small employment law violations (with Neta Nadiv)



Work in progress

Work in Progress / (Data Collection Competed or in Progress)


  • Legal Ambiguity and Self Interest:  The role of Dual-Process Interpretation in Implicit Corruption (with Mazarin Banaji and Eliran Halali).
  • Effect of Trust in Regulators on trust in Markets (with David Levi Faur and Libby Maman)
  • Mandatory vs. Voluntary Drafts and Ultra Orthodox Motivation (with Neta Barak Koren and Shelly Robinson)
  • A Behavioral Ethics Perspective on the theory of Criminal Law & Punishment (with Hadar Dancig Rosenberg) [invited chapter]
  • Should corporations play nice? (with Hajin Kim)
  • Perceived objectivity of legal prosecutors of politicians (with Ori Aronson and Julia Elad-Sternberg)

Non-Refereed Publications

  • The Incentive Matrix (with Orly Lobel) Innovations (2010).
  • Are All Legal Probabilities created Equal (With Doron Teichman) NYU Legal Workshop (2010).
  • Introduction to symposium on Law and Social Norms (with Ben Deporter), Review of Law and Economics (2009).
  • National Report on the Regulation of Triangular Relationships in Israel (with Ronit Nadiv), of XVIII World Congress of Labor and Social Security Law, Paris, September 2006.
  • Attitudes and Behavior, Encyclopedia of Law and Society American and Global Perspectives, SAGE Publications, 2006.

Not Refereed Publications  in Hebrew (In the Israel Democracy Institute)

  • A Plan on Combating Government Corruption (With Kreminzer, Navot
  • On Implicit Employment Discrimination ( With Krichli Katz & Porat)
  • Creating A behavioral Insight Team in Israel (w/Zalivanksi)
  • Inexpressive effects of the Nation Law ( Barak Koren & Gidorn)
  • Behavioral Ethics and conflict of interest ( w/ Friver)
  • Nudging in Israel ( w/ Pe’er)
  • Reducing regulatory burden (w/ Pe’er)
  • Regulatory Dilemmas in fighting Covid

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