Democratic Culture in Israel and in the World XIII


[מהדורה אנגלית של תרבות דמוקרטית 13 (עברית)]

Leviathan and the Academia: Was there an Attempt to Nationalize the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the Early Years of the State of Israel? - Ari Barell

Carnival by Night: A New Practice of Modern Tikkun Rituals - Anat Feldman

The Growth of Conservatism in the United States, 1945-2008 - Arnon Gutfeld , Nir Zeid

The Ultra-Orthodox Minority and the Israeli Mass Media: A Proposal for Cultural

Dialogue Predicated on the Media’s Role in Shaping Civil Society - Moshe Hellinger, Tsuriel Rashi

Changes to the Landscape of Military Cemeteries as a Reflection of Change in Israeli Society - Yossi Katz

From Halakhic to Pastoral Discourse in Religious-Zionist Halakhah: Masturbation as a Test Case - Avi Sagi, Yakir Englander

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